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Stock prices today – follow stock quotes around the world

Stock prices fluctuate because of economic cycles and unexpected factors. By following stock performance, you can better react to changes in stock prices. In the “Stock prices today” section, you’ll find the most traded stocks, the day’s risers and fallers, stock exchange news and you can trade on a real-time basis. See the day’s stock price of listed companies and what happens right now in different stock exchanges.

See the latest Stock prices 

Your stock investments are successful when you have the best services, products and tools at your disposal. We offer extensive and high-quality stock investment services at affordable prices. You get access to the tools required to follow the market and stock quotes and make orders. We use the highly intelligent Smart Order Routing (SOR) technology that enables you to always seek the best price for stock trades.

It pays to invest in stocks on a long-term basis and it is advisable to diversify your investments at least in terms of time, sector and geographical location. Carefully study listed companies that interest you. You can find information on companies, for example, from websites, financial media and stock analyses. You have access to Finnish and foreign stock analyses after you have taken out the Saver’s or Investor’s service package. Do you already have an investment plan?

Stock investment services are provided by OP cooperative banks. Please note that investment always involves risks. The value of investments can rise and fall, and an investor can lose part or all of the money they invest.