Asset and wealth management services

Asset and wealth management services enable you to seek peace of mind, ease and successful investments. OP Private and OP Asset Management provide personalised asset management services taking account of your situation and needs.

OP Private

In the OP Private service, we will create an individual investment solution that meets your needs and preferences. We will take account of your financial situation and changes in your circumstances, and help you to prepare for the future.

We will make investment easy and straightforward, by offering the expertise of Finland’s leading financial services group. You will have a personal asset manager as your partner who helps you to manage all aspects of your finances, including investments.

We will provide you with wide-ranging insurance, legal and estate agent services. We have just the right solution for you – whether that means a bank card, investment loan, home insurance or drawing up a will.

In the OP Private Wealth Planning service, we form a deep understanding of your combination of assets, requirements and preferences. Based on that, we draw up a comprehensive Wealth Planning plan for you and your loved ones.

You get the support of an experienced team of specialists in investment and wealth management matters, such as legal, financial and taxation-related questions. We ensure by means of personal service that you and your loved ones are content and that your assets are in safe hands also in the future.

OP Asset Management

Institutional Asset Management provides institutions with a high-quality asset management service tailored to the client’s needs. You get personal service, whether you’re interested in a discretionary investment management or advisory investment management agreement or wish to receive suggestions on individual funds. In addition to conventional equity and fixed-income investing, we also offer a wide variety of alternative investments.

Together with the client, we define their asset management targets and then identify a suitable solution for each investment need. The clients of our institutional asset managers include companies, municipalities, cities, parishes, pension institutions, foundations and personnel funds.

OP Wealth Management provides wealthy private individuals, companies and their stakeholders with a comprehensive asset and wealth management service for your demanding needs. We can offer you, for example, extensive solutions for professional investors and the opportunity to invest in alternative asset classes. With the help of your Account Director, you have easy access to the entire OP Financial Group’s expertise, such as that in banking, tax and legal services, insurance or, say, your company’s reorganisation.

Through their view of investments and strategic allocation, our experienced specialists bring certainty to your decisions, irrespective of your objectives. You can be actively involved in your investment or let us act on your behalf under a discretionary investment management agreement. 

OP Family Office provides your close family, extended family or, say, your investment company with asset and wealth management service with a long-term approach. Our service is based on considering your situation in life and your wealth as a whole, in view of your future plans. 

Wealth management is suitable for those who have already accrued investment assets. When you have hundreds of thousands in investment assets you should consider a private bank and a personalised wealth management plan. As a wealth management customer you will gain insight on market conditions and will have access to investment products not available to private investors. Active asset management ensures timely reaction and considers all other aspects concerning wealth management.

As a customer of a private bank, you can also invest in asset management funds. Actively managed asset management funds offer a convenient and personalised way to invest in different wealth management solutions.

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We understand that there is a wide variety of wealth management needs. We would be happy to tell you more about how we can help you and offer you solutions suited to your individual level of wealth and your personal circumstances.

At its best, wealth management offers you peace of mind, convenience and investment success. Put your trust in the leading Finnish private bank when you want your wealth to be managed in the best possible way. OP’s wealth management services have won awards as the best in Finland for several years.

You can choose whether we manage your assets for you or make decisions together with you.

Discretionary investment management suits you if you want an asset manager to make individual investment decisions for you. Changes to investments are always made according to the investment plan agreed on together with you.

Advisory investment management suits you if you want an asset manager to give investment recommendations and agree with you on changes to your investments. This means that you will always make investment decisions yourself.

If you like, you can combine discretionary investment management and advisory investment management.