OP Family Office

Your local partner for everything you expect from wealth management.

Wealth management on your terms

​Your choices will shape our cooperation. With our extensive range of services, we can build a wealth management package to suit your specific goals.

A long-lasting partnership for all times of life

Our service is there for you, whatever your situation. A designated team of professionals will support you as times change, providing the right services, products and experts for every situation.

Extensive expertise from OP specialists and partners

Our experienced wealth management experts will help you reach your goals. Besides OP Financial Group specialists, our network of dozens of international partners will be there for you.

Wealth management for building your prosperity

If your total assets exceed 10 million euros, OP Family Office can provide you, your close and extended family and your business with an unbeatably wide selection of OP services and products. Together, we will create a wealth management plan based on your life situation, assets and future goals. You can keep your wealth management in your own hands, or rely on our discretionary wealth management. We will listen carefully to your wishes and act accordingly.

From our wide range of special experts, we will hand pick the best team for your situation. Their investment insights and strategic allocation will give you confidence in your decisions, whatever your goals. We will consider your assets as a whole, and help you to plan and manage your wealth.

Choose versatile investment solutions and additional services that fit your situation

We can fulfil your highest aspirations with solutions proposed by professional investors, including a wide range of alternative investments. You will also have the opportunity to make parallel investments with OP Financial Group. Through our open architecture, you can choose global investment products provided by dozens of international players via our partner network. Besides returns, responsibility is a key priority that we have integrated in all our decisions and processes.

In addition to wealth management, your designated Account Director will help you to arrange your

  • banking services
  • financing services
  • insurance
  • property management services
  • legal services
  • services related to your business operations.

You will have all of OP Financial Group’s expertise standing behind you: our goal is to prosper together.

Let’s build the best solution for you

There are as many individual wealth management needs as there are customers. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you to manage your wealth, and fulfil any other service needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for our experts’ proposals about the best OP Family Office service package for you.

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Kalle Heikkilä
Account Director
+358 50 3500 608

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