OP Private Wealth Planning

Comprehensive wealth planning for you and your loved ones.

Tailored wealth planning

We form a deep understanding of your combination of assets, requirements and objectives. Based on that, we draw up a comprehensive OP Private Wealth Planning plan for you and your loved ones.


Experts always at your disposal

You get the support of an experienced team of specialists in investment and wealth management matters, such as legal, financial and taxation-related questions.


Peace of mind and less stress

We ensure by means of personal service that you and your loved ones are content and that your assets are in safe hands also in the future.

Your and your loved ones’ prosperity is our goal

We aim to be a long-term partner for you, managing your and your loved ones’ wealth reliably and expertly using a comprehensive plan. You have an experienced team of specialists at your disposal, ensuring that your assets are managed with care. We provide the Wealth Planning service to clients with investment assets of over 1 million euros. 

The Wealth Planning service is built around four elements

Assets and financing

We take account of the structure of your assets and properties based on which we draw up an OP Private Wealth Planning plan that supports your objectives and requirements. You get a solution for growing your wealth and a comprehensive risk-return analysis of your investments.


The next generation

We have considerable expertise in inheritance planning. You get a plan for building up, retaining and passing on your wealth over generations or according to your will.


Loved ones

We also take care of your loved ones. They also get access to a specialist who will ensure suitable savings and investment solutions and other required services for them.


Contingency planning

We insure you and your loved ones against the risks of everyday life and, if necessary, secure and add to your legal protection. You also always get help with drawing up legal documents. We take account of the structure of your assets and, if necessary, re-structure them through different solutions like a mutual fund or an insurance wrapper so that the structure supports your objectives.


We trust that a deep understanding of your objectives and your assets will result in superior solutions for you. Through our systematic approach we can provide you with peace of mind about your affairs being in order.

Would you like to hear more? Contact us

There are many requirements for wealth planning. We would be pleased to discuss with you how we could be of service and to provide you with the solutions suited to your assets and situation. You can book an appointment for a negotiation, contact your own OP cooperative bank or call us at 0800 02441 (Mon–Fri 8–16).

OP Private
OP Private
We will make a wealth-building plan with you that is updated with your personal asset manager every year. You’ll get the best benefit from the service when you already have accumulated investment assets.
OP Family Office

If your total assets exceed 10 million euros, we can provide you, your close and extended family and your business with an extensive wealth management plan.

The Wealth Planning service is provided by OP Private.