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Money Box

Online piggy bank for everyday saving and unexpected expenses

Save easily for your everyday dreams and life’s surprises

With Money Box, you can build a cash buffer for life’s unexpected expenses and define one or several savings targets for yourself. You can manage and monitor your savings on OP-mobile and the op.fi service.


Pay with a card and save

Save effortlessly when you pay with your debit card. You can define the amount that will be transferred for your savings targets every time you pay with your card.


Start investing in mutual funds through Money Box

Money Box also offers a no-fuss way to start investing in mutual funds and, in the long run, gives higher returns on your extra savings than a bank account.

Money Box is like an online piggy bank – this is how it works

Money Box is an account that encourages you to save money for surprise expenses, a holiday trip or any other dream you may have. Opening Money Box and withdrawing your savings is free of charge. Saving in Money Box is easy and rewarding. Soon you will notice that you have built up a tidy sum in your Money Box!

You can save in Money Box in the following ways:

  • by making one-off deposits for example every month
  • by saving when paying with a card.

In Money Box, you can also easily start investing in mutual funds and get higher return on your savings. To use Money Box, you'll need OP's user ID.

Whether your savings target is a holiday trip, a new computer, an electric bicycle or, say, all three simultaneously, Money Box enables you to save for your everyday dreams easily and without even noticing it.

Save when paying with a card

You can automatically save in your Money Box when paying with the following OP cards: OP Classic, OP Gold, OP Debit and OP Basic.

Simply activate Auto Save through card and an amount of your choice will be transferred to your Money Box target every time you pay with your card. If you have several savings targets, you can define for each target a specific amount that will be transferred in connection with each card payment. Please note that for OP Classic and OP Gold cards, the transfer is done when you pay with the debit feature.

If, for example, you choose three euros as your savings amount and use your card 15 times a month, you'll save 45 euros. That would mean 540 euros in a year. Your savings will build up without even noticing.


Use Money Box to start investing in mutual funds

Put your extra cash to work instead of keeping it idle on a bank account. Money Box provides an easy way to start investing in mutual funds. When you activate mutual fund investing in Money Box, your extra savings will be transferred from your Money Box account to the fund you have selected. Mutual fund assets have a higher expected return than accounts in the long term because the assets are invested in bond or equity markets.

You have seven different mutual funds to choose from. OP-Climate, OP-Clean Water and OP-Sustainable World are sustainability-themed funds. They invest in companies whose products and services help prevent the progress of climate change, improve access to clean water and promote social responsibility and good corporate governance practices. In addition, you can also choose between four cost-effective index funds: OP-World Index, OP-Finland Index, OP-Europe Index and OP-Nordic Countries Index.

For detailed instructions on how to start investing in mutual funds, see the bottom of the page. Note that you can open a Money Box if you're OP's personal customer and at least 18 years old.

  1. Log into OP-mobile or the op.fi service and go to Money Box.
  2. In Money Box, go to cash buffer settings and select investing in mutual funds.
  3. Choose a mutual fund for your investment from the available options. 
  4. When you have reached your target for your cash buffer, the extra money will be transferred weekly into the fund of your choice.

The Money Box has a fixed deposit interest rate of 0.30%. The deposit interest rate is calculated on the lowest balance of a calendar month. The lowest balance is based on the daily closing balance.

The interest on Money Box will annually be added to the account's funds on 1 December and it can be withdrawn before mid-December. Tax at source is charged on each interest payment. You do not need to report the deposit and earned interest in taxation.

Check your account's interest rate

You can check the interest rate on your account by logging in to op.fi or OP-mobile using your OP user ID. If you do not have an OP user ID, you can call our Customer Service at 0100 0500 (local/mobile network rate). Our Customer Service will advise you on the easiest way to check your account's interest rate.

How to check the interest rate on your account in the op.fi service:

  1. Log into the op.fi service.
  2. In the main menu, open the section Money and select Account and then My accounts.
  3. After this, select Account details and Edit details.
  4. You then need to select the account whose details you want to view.

Log into the op.fi service and go to account details

How to check the interest rate on your account in OP-mobile:

  1. Log into OP-mobile.
  2. Select the account whose interest rate information you want to view.
  3. Go to Account settings by tapping the gear icon.
  4. Select Account interest rate.

Savings on the account are protected with deposit guarantee. The maximum compensation for guaranteed deposits is EUR 100,000 for the deposits made in a single deposit bank. OP Financial Group member banks are considered a single bank from the perspective of the deposit guarantee.

Deposit guarantee protects a depositor's funds on an account if the deposit bank becomes insolvent. If a deposit bank is declared bankrupt or is in permanent default, the Financial Stability Authority pays compensation to the bank’s depositors from the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get OP bonuses that decrease your banking and insurance service charges. In 2024, you will earn 40% more OP bonuses than normal.

OP bonuses come from

  • funds in savings accounts
  • home loans, student loans and secured bank loans
  • mutual fund units and unit-linked insurance
  • paid insurance premiums, such as home and motor vehicle insurance and continuous travel insurance.

OP bonuses are tax-free. Because of that they are automatically used for loan service and origination fees and insurance premiums, among other things.

Read more about OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you also get significant benefits and discounts. For example, you will get daily banking services without monthly charges until the end of 2024 and interest on your Current Account. Furthermore, you'll enjoy lower saving and investing costs than usual.

See all owner-customer benefits


Money Box is provided by OP cooperative bank. The card added to Money Box is provided by OP Retail Customers plc.