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Owner-customers and benefits

Benefits throughout your life

Extra benefits and 30% more OP bonuses in 2023

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get additional benefits in autumn 2023. You get daily banking services without monthly charges from 1 October 2023 until 31 March 2024. The interest rate on your Current account will also rise to 0.25% on 1 November.

In addition, we will pay you 30% more OP bonuses in 2023. These extra bonuses will reduce your expenses on banking and insurance services and bring relief to your daily finances, especially when you make wide use of our services.

The new multiplier for OP bonuses will be 0.00325 in 2023 (0.0025 in 2022 and previous years).

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Daily banking services

As our owner-customer, you get versatile daily banking services without monthly charges from 1 October 2023 until 31 March 2024* in the OP cooperative bank whose owner-customer you are. Also, we pay a 0.25% interest on funds in your Current account starting from 1 November 2023.

* After the offer period, the daily services package for personal customers starts from €3.95 per month and for owner-customers aged under 30 from €0 per month. Prices for other customer from €8.25 per month.

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Saving and investing

New benefits and discounts on investment for owner-customers help you realise your dreams, whether they are small or big. To start investing may be the most lucrative decision in life.

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As owner-customer, you’ll get considerable discounts and plenty of benefits on your insurance products that secure your life. Moreover, earned OP bonuses are automatically used for the payment of your insurance bills.

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  1. OP-bonuses

Only OP cooperative bank owner-customers earn OP bonuses for using our services. They will be used to cover, for example, banking service charges and insurance bills.

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  1. Owner Plus service

We offer the Owner Plus service to OP cooperative bank owner-customers who use a wide range of our banking and insurance services. 
You get convenience for your everyday life and the best benefits among the first.

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  1. Only owner-customers can invest in Profit Shares

A Profit Share is an investment in your OP cooperative bank’s equity capital. As an owner-customer, you can invest in your bank and earn competitive interest on your investment. 
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  1. Benefits provided by our partners on OP-mobile

Changing national and local benefits and events of our partners.

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  1. All owner-customer benefits and discounts are now on OP-mobile

Now you can see owner-customer OP bonuses, discounts on banking and insurance services, as well as our partners’ offers, easily on OP-mobile. If you don’t yet have OP-mobile, you can download it from your device’s app store.

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Benefits throughout your life

  1. Get started with benefits instantly by becoming an owner-customer. You can become an OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer by paying a member cooperative contribution which is 100 euros in most banks. There are no other membership fees.
  2. If you are an OP cooperative bank’s customer and have OP’s user ID, you can easily check your owner-customer membership by logging into the op.fi service. If you are not yet an OP cooperative bank’s customer and you have another bank’s user identifiers, you can become a customer without visiting a branch easily online.

  3. Benefits and discounts offered by OP cooperative banks on banking and insurance services are used by 2 million owner-customers each year. OP Financial Group cooperative banks pay out some 250 million euros in bonuses each year to their owner-customers.



Becoming an owner-customer and member contribution

Your current customer relationship and any user ID in your use affects you becoming an owner-customer.

  • If you are an OP cooperative bank’s customer and have OP’s user ID, you can become an owner-customer by logging into the op.fi service. Become an owner-customer
  • If you are an OP cooperative bank’s customer but you do not have OP’s user ID, start by booking an appointment Book an appointment
  • If you are not an OP cooperative bank’s customer but you have another bank’s user identifiers and are interested in becoming an OP cooperative bank’s customer, become our customer online Become our customer easily online

Membership cooperative contribution

When joining us, you will pay an ordinary cooperative contribution as a one-time contribution, no other payments exist. In most banks, the amount of the membership cooperative contribution is 100 euros. You can find the amount of the membership cooperative contribution on the owner-customer application and in your OP cooperative bank.

If ever you decide to stop being an owner-customer, your membership contribution will be refunded to you in full. The cooperative contribution will be refunded after one year has lapsed from the end of the financial year during which the owner-customer membership was terminated.

Who can become an owner-customer?

Any person, entity or foundation using OP Financial Group’s services, irrespective of their nationality, can become an owner-customer.

Child as an owner-customer

A child can become an owner-customer. All guardians of the child sign together their underage child’s application for an owner-customer membership. By doing so, the parents also give their consent that their child will begin to earn OP bonuses.

If the membership contribution is paid using proceeds of the child’s own work, the child can him/herself sign the membership application and pay the membership contribution.

Owner-customer terminates the membership

The owner-customer has, at any time, the right to terminate their owner-customer membership by informing their OP cooperative bank of this in writing. The owner-customer membership termination date is the date on which the OP cooperative bank has received the termination notice.

Death of owner-customer

An owner-customer membership will terminate on the death of the owner-customer. In the distribution or partition of the deceased person’s estate, the death estate can transfer the deceased person’s owner-customer membership, generally either to widow/widower or heir.