Monthly investment

The sooner you start, the more you’ll benefit later.

The most important thing is to start

The earlier you start, the more returns your investments can yield. You can get started with just 10 euros a month, but a larger sum will build up your wealth faster. If you have the opportunity to invest and are seeking returns on your money, why not start monthly investing in a fund?


By investing monthly regularly, you can ensure that your investments are diversified across time

When prices are down, you get more mutual fund units with your investment sum and less when prices are up. In this way, purchases are timed with low and high prices, allowing you to make purchases at the right price on average. The fund will also diversify small sums into various investments. 


Monthly investing will allow you to make use of the compound interest effect

Did you know that you will get a return not only on your investment but on the return that has accrued? Let your investments work for you. Withdraw money only when you really need it. In this way, compound interest works effectively for you.

Tips for starting monthly investment

  1. Decide to start saving. By starting regular investing, you don’t have to worry whether now is the right time to invest in the market.
  2. Investing in a fund on a monthly basis is an excellent way to start investing. It only takes a moment to get started and is as easy as making an e-invoice. 
  3. Remember to diversify. We recommend selecting a few mutual funds to invest in on a monthly basis. In some cases, one fund can be enough if it’s diversified geographically or by industry, for example.
  4. Select funds that suit your savings targets. We offer a range of more than 60 funds, including equity funds, index funds and responsible investment funds. 
  5. Select a monthly investment amount that suits your pocket. The ideal investment amount can be 10 per cent of the net profit, but you can get started just by investing ten euros a month. You can adjust the monthly amount at any time or stop investing for a while.
  6. It’s also advisable to start investing for a child early on. The longer the investment horizon, the higher the risk you can take, and the better returns you can seek.

Try out the compound interest calculator

Use the compound interest calculator to see which fund is best for your monthly investments.

How can I change my monthly investment?

To make changes, log into OP-mobile or the service. On OP-mobile, go to the investment section and select Monthly investment. On the service, select Investing and then Fund holdings and monthly investment. Select monthly investment and you'll see all funds in which you invest regularly. Select a fund to which you want to make changes. You can change the investment amount, the frequency of charging and the debit account. If you like, you can take a break from investing or end it altogether.

Which fund is best for me?

When choosing a fund in which to invest, think of what kind of saver or investor you are, and what your investment target is. How long would you like to invest for? What is your return target? What is your risk tolerance? Many people start with easy Saver’s funds where your assets are managed by investment professionals. We also offer a range of other funds, including responsible investment funds, equity funds and index funds.

You’ll find the best funds considering your situation and targets by using our compound interest calculator and comparing investments by investment period and expected return.

  1. Log into OP-mobile.
  2. Go to Investments, then select Buy mutual funds.
  3. Select the fund in which you want to invest and tap Buy.
  4. Set the investment amount, the account from which the amount will be debited, recurrence and the due date. If you want to invest a lump sum in the fund, select Make one-time subscription.
  5. Move on and check the summary to ensure that the details you entered are correct. Familiarise yourself with the fund’s documents and tap Confirm.
  6. Confirm the fund subscription with Mobile key.
  7. Your fund order has now been confirmed. Your fund holding will be visible online within 1–2 banking days from the subscription. To view your fund holdings’ performance on the service (in Finnish), go to Säästöt ja sijoitukset (Investments) and then select Rahastot (Funds) or on OP-mobile, go to Investments.

If you’re buying fund units for the first time, you’re requested to first accept the OP Savings and Investments Agreement. You need this agreement to buy savings and investment products. The agreement is free of charge, and you can easily and quickly make it on the service using your key code list or Mobile key.

1. See our range of mutual funds and choose the fund that suits you best.

2. Click or tap Buy. Then log into (in Finnish).

3. Select Säästä myös säännöllisesti (Invest regularly too). Fill in the details:

  • Säästösumma (investment amount)
  • Säästön toistuvuus (investment interval that suits you). You can invest every month, every other month or every three months.
  • Ensimmäinen eräpäivä (first due date) On this date, the investment amount will be debited from your account and invested in the fund you have selected. In regular investing, the due date occurs the same day every month.
  • Tililtä (from account). Select the account from which the investment amount will be debited.

4. In the summary under Säännöllinen säästäminen (Regular investing), check that all the details you have entered are correct.

5. Familiarise yourself with the fund’s Key Investor Information Document and click or tap Confirm.

6. Your fund order has now been confirmed. Your fund holding will be visible on the service within 1–2 banking days from the subscription. To view your fund holdings’ performance on the service, go to Investments and then select Funds, or on OP-mobile, go to Investments.

Monthly investment for a child
Investing for a child on a monthly basis is the most popular way to build up savings for the future.
Owner-customer benefits from saving and investment
As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can purchase and sell funds without fees, and you will earn 0.35% OP bonuses for them per year.

Investment always involves a risk. The value of investments can rise and fall, an investor can lose part or all of the money they invest, or may never receive the expected return. OP funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd. Investment services are provided by OP cooperative bank.