OP Forest tells the value of your forest

Your forest prospers and grows, but how much is it worth? OP Forest indicates the value of your forest and also gives you an estimate on felling possibilities and the costs of forest management.

OP Forest is a service available to all forest owners. It offers up-to-date information on the value of your forest and predicts its changes in the coming years. The service can be used by the customers of all banks free of charge. The information on the OP Forest service is based on the database of the Finnish Forest Centre. 

OP Forest brings your forest close to you and gives the owner topical information

Even if your forest is hundreds of kilometres away, our service brings it closer to you. The service complements our eServices for forest owners and offers the following features and opportunities:

  • Estimated felling possibilities and forest management costs over the next 10 years
  • Information on when the tree stand requires thinning or saplings need to be attended to
  • If you own more than one forest estate, you will receive an estimate on each of them as well as on the value of your entire forest property.
  • You will receive a forest owner's financial guide, which makes owning forest land easier and more profitable.
  • In Finland, the digital data on forest assets is precise, but through OP Forest it is conveniently at your disposal.
  • If you wish, we can give you an offer on forest insurance.

How do I access the OP Forest service?

We have emphasised convenience and ease in developing the service. To guarantee your privacy and data protection, you will have to authenticate yourself with your bank's online identifiers when you activate the service. You can use the identifiers of OP or another bank as authentication credentials. After identification, you are asked to create a personal password. The information on your forest assets is saved in the service.

Steady return from Finnish forest
OP-Forest Owner offers professional forest management and steady return with ease.