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We can offer you all banking and insurance services your company needs. We will process your application within about a week.

Corporate Services Starter Package €9.40 per month

Corporate Services Starter Package is available to you that enables you to conveniently manage your company’s banking and insurance matters. In addition to the €9.40 monthly basic fee, we charge transaction-specific service fees. We also charge a one-time fee of 100 euros for opening a corporate account in connection with the next month’s service charges. Our starter package contains the following services:

  • Corporate account

    The corporate account enables you to manage your company’s payment transactions.

  • Bank statement

    You’ll get a balance statement valid for accounting purposes once a month on OP's digital services.

  • E-invoice address

    Receive and pay your company's e-invoices.

  • OP's digital corporate services

    Manage your company’s daily banking on the service and OP Business mobile using the same user ID. In addition, you can manage your company’s insurance matters on the service. On the service, you as the administrator of the digital agreement can also add other representatives for your company and administer their access rights.

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You can fill in the application online under the following conditions:

  • You have an OP user ID.
  • Your customer details are up to date in My profile.
  • You are of age.
  • You’re entitled to sign for your company alone or together with another person.
  • Your company’s company form is a limited liability company or a private trader.
  • Your company is only liable to pay tax in Finland.
  • Your business consists mainly of non-investment operations.

We will automatically check your credit history from the credit data file of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy when we process your application.

If you can’t open the account online, please book an appointment with our customer advisor. Book an appointment

What information do you need when your open a bank account for your company online?

Basic company information

  • Business ID and a description of the business
  • Company’s financial information

For limited liability companies, the following information is required:

  • Information on owners and beneficial owners
  • Extract from the Trade Register
  • Report on the ownership structure if the limited liability company has other companies or ownership is distributed

When you make an appointment with the bank, have the following information at the ready:

Basic company information

  • Business ID and a description of the business
  • If the company is in its early stage, the memorandum of association and final protocol of the founding meeting
  • If the company is active, the latest income statement and balance sheet
  • List of countries of tax residence

Information on owners

  • Name, date of birth or business ID, nationality, country of domicile or registration, interest in the company
  • Information on beneficial owners
  • Name, date of birth, nationality, country of domicile, status as a politically exposed person

Personal ID document

  • Be sure to bring your passport or ID card when visiting our bank branch

The services are provided by OP cooperative banks.

The online application enables your company to use the following services. Read more about services:

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OP-Visa Business Card (debit) >

OP Business mobile > for businesses > 

What is the mandatory insurance policy for entrepreneurs all about?

An entrepreneur must buy a Self-employed persons’ pension insurance, or YEL insurance, when its earnings exceed the annual income limit. For example, the income limit in question was 8,063.57 euros in 2021. You must buy the YEL insurance within six months of starting your business. Read more about the YEL insurance and its terms and conditions.

Read more about the YEL insurance and its terms and conditions >

You should also insure your business against risks threatening movable property and business continuity. Even if you suffer a loss, the company’s operations can continue.

The non-life insurance policies are issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Life insurance policies are issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Earnings-related pension policies are issued by Ilmarinen.

Business liability and property insurance package Special Corporate Insurance >

Life insurance >

Business interruption insurance >

Statutory Self-employed persons’ pension insurance by Ilmarinen >


Starting a business – our services for new businesses

Are you planning to start your own company or do you have a new company? Learn more about our services for new business.
Are you planning to start your own company or do you have a new company? Learn more about our services for new business.