Mies on palaverissa ja hymyilee tietäen, että hänellä on turvanaan uuden yrittäjän vakuutuspaketti eli Yritysykkönen.

Insurance package for companies

Special Corporate Insurance includes the most important coverage for your company’s movable property and operations in a single package.

Key coverage for your company in a single package

Special Corporate Insurance includes hand-picked policies that protect your company’s movable property and business.

Carefree insurance package for companies

You do not have to separately insure each piece of equipment your company has bought, because the company’s movable property is always insured for its full value.

Can be tailored for entrepreneurs as well as larger companies

Tell us which sectors you operate in – we’ll take their special characteristics into account. We’ll help you anticipate turning points in your business and prepare against them with the right kind of insurance policies.

Insurance package to protect against a wide range of risks

Special Corporate Insurance is an excellent solution to prepare against risks threatening your company’s movable property or operations. Regardless of whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, this insurance solution is suitable for your business.

The insurance package includes several important areas of coverage: Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance. It also includes Business Interruption Insurance, which provides invaluable support if your business operations are interrupted by an unfortunate incident, such as fire or water damage. 

Covers losses to movable property.
Covers losses from disruptions to business operations.
Covers bodily injury or material damage for which your company is liable under law.
Compensates legal aid expenses in civil disputes and criminal cases.

You can also add cargo insurance and insurance for business interruption caused by an employee as optional additional covers to Special Corporate Insurance. In certain industries, tailored additional covers are available, such as financial loss cover and crime insurance, or cargo and road transport liability insurance for commercial transport.

Covers financial losses from damage caused during transport.
Covers financial losses caused by the disability of an employee, for example.
Covers financial losses caused to third parties.
Covers losses of the company resulting from embezzlement or fraud, for example.
Insures your lifting service provider against liability for damages.
Covers the freighter’s liability in Finland and abroad.

What does Special Corporate Insurance cover?

I lost property due to burglary. Kyllä Ei
Goods in my store were damaged by water damage, and the store had to be closed for several months. Kyllä Ei
A fire broke out in the company premises. Kyllä Ei
A laptop fell on the floor. Kyllä Ei
A customer slipped in a puddle caused by snow melting on the floor.  Kyllä Ei
We will determine your company’s liability for the damage. Kyllä Ei
A dispute arose regarding the company’s invoice. Kyllä Ei
The property management firm failed to submit a subsidy application, and therefore the housing company did not receive the subsidy. Ei Kyllä
Goods I ordered were broken during transport. Ei Kyllä
Losses occurred to cargo that I was transporting. Ei Kyllä
An item that I was lifting with a loading crane fell and was damaged. Ei Kyllä
I needed a stand-in for an employee because of illness or an accident. Ei Kyllä

Remember also to insure your company’s real property and vehicles and any statutory insurance, such as YEL insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, that is not included in Special Corporate Insurance.

Special Corporate Insurance makes life easier for new and experienced entrepreneurs

On the best aspects of Special Corporate Insurance is its ease. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to manage your insurance coverage, and that is why all you have to tell us is your company’s net sales to keep Special Corporate Insurance up to date. You don’t need to separately insure new equipment or movable property purchases, such as laptops. Movable property related to your company’s business is automatically covered by your insurance.

Ask for an offer and we will find a suitable insurance package for your business together. At the same time, we can check that your other insurance policies are in order. The price of the Special Corporate Insurance depends mostly on the company’s line of business and turnover. We can give you a quote for all personal and entrepreneur’s insurance policies handily in one go.

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Pohjola Risk Management Service
Tool for the entire work community to improve occupational safety and speed up the flow of information.
Safety regulations improve safety and prevent losses, so they are worth reading carefully. In order for the insurance to be granted, the minimum requirements for burglary protection level must be met.

In the op.fi service, you can easily and safely manage all of your company's insurance transactions. The service allows you to, for example

  • report a loss and see how your loss report is processed
  • print out certificates of insurance
  • order a Green Card for company vehicles

How to activate the Internet Service:

  • Sign the Agreement for Digital Transactions and name the administrators.
  • Administrators can add other users and their access rights to the service.


The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.