Miehet vaeltamassa turvallisin mielin, kun terveysvakuutus on kunnossa.

Health Insurance

Insurance against illness or accident. Available only in Finnish or Swedish

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The best time to get health insurance is now

Do not waste time in insuring your health. By taking out Pohjola Health Insurance while you are healthy, any illnesses or injuries you may experience later will not affect your health insurance coverage.


Choose the coverage you want for your health

You can choose between three options for your scope of Pohjola Health Insurance: accidents and illnesses, comprehensive accident insurance, or accidents only. You can also supplement Health Insurance with the additional cover options you want.


Financial security for you and your loved ones

Pohjola Health Insurance also includes living allowance insurance in the event of permanent disability or death. You or your loved one receive financial support if you are permanently injured or die as the result of an accident.


Cover for all stages of care

The broad coverage for Health Insurance gives you cover throughout all stages of your care, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation. Health Insurance also helps you return to daily life and covers the purchase costs of necessary medical aids.


Health Insurance grants you access to Pohjola Health Advisor

If you fall ill or are injured, the first thing to do is contact the Health Advisor by phone or in the app. Our Health Advisor will schedule you an appointment with a suitable specialist or give home care instructions if a visit to the doctor is not necessary. At the same time, you can receive a decision on your insurance claim. This way, you do not need to submit a separate loss report and you pay only the deductible when visiting our partner doctors.

Health insurance discount for prime customers

When you are a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you receive a discount on our health insurance. Learn more about the discounts and benefits of our prime customers and request an offer of multiple insurance policies conveniently online.

Health Insurance throughout your life

Health Insurance accompanies you throughout your life and covers the costs of illnesses and injuries based on the coverage you choose. Health insurance provides health cover for people of all ages, and at its earliest, it can even be taken out for an unborn child after the foetus has been screened for structural anomalies. In addition to buying insurance for yourself, you can easily buy health insurance for another person like your spouse or child. Health Insurance is always valid until the age of 100. 

What will Health Insurance cover?

The most comprehensive Health Insurance option covers the treatment costs of illnesses and accidents, medications and rehabilitation costs to a maximum compensation of up to 200,000 euros. Health insurance ensures you fast access to treatment and the best possible care both with private practitioners and in public health care. With Health Insurance, you can focus on recovering from an illness or accident without worrying over high treatment and medication costs.  

Obligatory health declaration – fill in conveniently online

Our decision to grant you health insurance and the insurance’s validity are based on the information you provide in the health declaration. The health declaration asks about your current health before we grant the insurance. Any exclusions to your Health Insurance are based on the information you give in the health declaration.

The health declaration will be sent to you in the op.fi service once you have bought the health insurance in the online store and confirmed the purchase. You will be able to conveniently fill in the declaration by logging in to the service with the online user identifiers of your bank. Please note that if we deem you eligible for health insurance, the insurance will only become valid after we have received and processed your health declaration.

We recommend that you insure your health while you are healthy. This way, any future illnesses and injuries will not restrict your Health Insurance’s coverage.

Health Insurance - Cover that meets your needs

At best, Pohjola Health Insurance covers against both illnesses as well as accidents. However, you can choose a Health Insurance policy with just the cover you need. For example, you can take out Health Insurance as an additional cover to your existing occupational health care. 

Additional covers in Health Insurance

You can supplement your Health Insurance with exclusive additional cover options. For example, we cover physiotherapy expenses also as an alternative to surgery. In issues related mental health, Pohjola Health Insurance also covers the costs of psychotherapy. Health Insurance also covers expenses arising from a carer or home adaptations necessary to allow you to live at home despite your illness or injury.

Health Insurance always covers outdoor exercise and fitness training. If you practice sports in a sports club or take part in competitions or matches, you can receive coverage for competitive sports either by adding athletes’ covers to your Health Insurance or by taking out a separate Sports Cover through your club. Sports Insurance may also be necessary if you practise high-risk sports. In this case, check your Health Insurance coverage with our customer service.

The Pohjola Health Advisor service assists you when you fall ill or are injured

When you protect your health with Pohjola Health Insurance, you will also have access to the free-of-charge Pohjola Health Advisor service. In the service, experienced healthcare professionals give you advice and instructions on your health concerns.  

If you fall ill or are injured, please contact a health advisor by phone at 0100 5225 or via the Pohjola Health Advisor app. The health advisor will give you home-care instructions or schedule an appointment with a suitable doctor for you. By first contacting the health advisor, you do not need to file a separate loss report. You can also receive a claims decision at the same time, in which case you only need to pay the deductible when using the services of our partner hospital or clinic.

Calculating the price of Health Insurance

How much does Health Insurance cost? The price of Health Insurance depends on a number of factors, such as the covers you choose to add to your personalised insurance. The price of Health Insurance changes and updates based on your selections. You can also get a discount on the insurance if you are an insurance prime customer or an OP cooperative bank owner-customer. In addition, an owner-customer’s OP bonuses can be used for the payment of insurance premiums.

The deductible you choose for the policy also affects the price of the insurance. By setting the amount of deductible, you decide how much you pay out of pocket in the event of an illness or accident. The higher the deductible, the lower the price of the insurance. Still, you should keep in mind that the cheapest Health Insurance is not necessarily the best or truly most affordable option in the event of a loss. See our recommendations and check the price of your Health Insurance from the calculator in the link below.

An adult’s health insurance and living allowance insurance is granted as a rule on the basis of a health declaration. A health declaration can be filled in online, and it is used to determine whether the policy can be granted.

A policy may nevertheless be granted even if you are not entirely healthy. This means that any pre-existing condition may affect the extent of coverage offered.

It is important that you do not terminate any existing policy until you have received a decision that a new policy has been granted.

Olemme koonneet esimerkkejä terveysvakuutuksen korvaustilanteista.

As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

The Pohjola Health Advisor
Contact Pohjola's Health Advisor through the application or by phone if you fall ill or injury yourself.
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