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Health insurance for an adult

Pohjola Insurance health insurance or accident insurance

Health insurance that meet your needs

Depending on your choice, health insurance covers both accidents and illnesses or accidents alone. You can also add optional additional covers to ensure a suitable insurance for you.


Pohjola Health Advisor at your service

An experienced health care professional listens to you and guides you to the appropriate treatment if you fall ill, injure yourself or have other health concerns. Please call us or use the application’s chat feature.


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

Health insurance discount for prime customers

When you are a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you receive a discount on our health insurance. Learn more about the discounts and benefits of our prime customers and request an offer of multiple insurances conveniently online.

Best treatment for your health

Health insurance will guarantee that you get treatment not only quickly but by the best private doctors. When you are covered by health insurance, you can focus on recovering from an illness or accident without worrying about high treatment and medication expenses. Health insurance allows you to choose exactly the extent and optional cover that you want.

Important coverage against disability or death is also provided by living allowance insurance and its lump-sum compensation which, should the worst happen, will enable you or your loved ones to go on.

Health insurance provides you with the security you need, as you can choose the cover you want for sickness and accident.
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Health insurance that suits your needs

Choose exactly the extent and optional cover that you want for your health insurance. The best cover is provided by comprehensive health insurance, which is much more than sickness insurance.

Often general practitioner consultations can be taken care of by your occupational health care or at your own cost, in which case health insurance complementing your occupational health care may be sufficient. Health insurance will cover medication, surgery and more expensive examinations, such as MRIs and related doctor’s consultations, but any other appointments with doctors are excluded. 

On the other hand, if you want to insure your health with an accident insurance, you can choose between two health insurance policies that cover the treatment of accidental injuries. We recommend a more comprehensive accident insurance policy that covers not only accidents but also the medical treatment expenses of the commonest illness-related injuries.

If something happens to me, I know that will have quick access to treatment and I don't have to care about the money.

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Therapy, support for recovery, and cover for sport

You can include into health insurance optional covers that are only available from us. We also cover physiotherapy expenses, also as an alternative to surgery. You can also fall ill mentally, so it is comforting to know that health insurance also covers psychotherapy expenses. Health insurance also covers expenses caused by a carer or home adaptations in order for you to live at home despite your illness or when recovering from an injury.

Health insurance always covers outdoor exercise and conditioning. If you go in for a sport in a sports club or take part in competitions or matches, you can receive coverage for competitive sports either by adding athletes' covers to your health insurance or by taking out a separate Sports Cover through your club. Sports Insurance may also be necessary if you go in for a high-risk sport – in that case check your health insurance coverage with our customer service.

Calculate health insurance rates

How costly is a health insurance policy? The price of health insurance depends on matters such as the covers you choose to include in your personalised insurance policy. Private Health Insurance by OP always includes medical treatment cover in the event of illness and/or injury, and you can extend the policy with supplementary medical treatment cover and dental cover. Health insurance rates are adjusted, depending on your choices.

Health insurance also depends on the amount of deductible you choose for your policy. By adjusting the deductible, you choose how much you pay out of pocket in the event of an illness or injury. The higher the deductible, the lower the policy rate. However, keep in mind that the cheapest health insurance is not necessarily the best or truly the most inexpensive in the event of an illness or injury. See our recommendations and your health insurance rate by using the the calculator in the link below.

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Treatment when you need it
Contact Pohjola Hospital’s experts through the application or by phone if you fall ill or injury yourself.
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Life insurance

An adult’s health insurance and living allowance insurance is granted as a rule on the basis of a health declaration. A health declaration can be filled in online, and it is used to determine whether the policy can be granted.

A policy may nevertheless be granted even if you are not entirely healthy. This means that any pre-existing condition may affect the extent of coverage offered.

It is important that you do not terminate any existing policy until you have received a decision that a new policy has been granted.

Benefits from Pohjola Insurance

You receive the following insurance benefits for prime customers when you have policies from at least three different product categories:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance, continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies
  • as our prime customer aged 18–27, a discount of 21% on nearly all insurance for home and family policies.
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.

If you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you are entitled to an extra discount of 3% on most insurance products. The extra 3% discount for owner-customers cannot be combined with the 21% discount for young insurance customers.

Regardless of your number of policies or type of customer relationship, we always offer the following benefits:

  • a 2.5% discount when paying your insurance bill in one instalment.
  • a permanent 5% discount on life insurance purchased online.
  • free life insurance for one year for parents of children under 12 month

Benefits for OP cooperative bank owner-customer

As an owner-customer, you get the following benefits regardless of your number of policies:

  • OP bonuses you accrue will be used to pay insurance premiums*
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.
  • deductible benefit of 250 euros for MyHome Insurance.
  • free Product Protection Insurance for purchases made using OP credit cards

*As our owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses, which are used to pay insurance premiums and banking service charges. OP bonuses are earned from insurance policies, loans, savings and investments, funds in your accounts, and purchases paid with OP-Visa using the credit function.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Pohjola Insurance Ltd’s representatives.