Sports Cover

Cover for a specific period under sports insurance

Suitable for over 80 sports

Sports Cover will compensate injuries sustained during sports matches, competitions and training.


Easy to get when you buy your licence

You can buy season-long Sports Cover easily as your buy your sports licence.


Free-of-charge Pohjola Health Advisor at your service in sports injuries

If you are injured doing the sports you love, the Pohjola Health Advisor service assists you quickly. A health advisor will file a loss report on your behalf and schedule an appointment for you with a partner hospital or clinic specialised in your particular situation. Our partner hospitals or clinics are specialised in treating sports injuries and symptoms.

Sports Cover insures club sports

Sports Cover is sports insurance for one sporting season, which you can buy at the same time as your buy the sports licence. The insurance covers injuries and resulting examination and treatment expenses caused by sudden events when doing your sport. Sports cover is valid for one competitive or sporting season at a time, meaning that you can easily assess the need for the insurance for each season.  

Sudden events covered by Sports Cover include sprains, strains and fractures. Sports Cover also indemnifies injuries not caused by an external factor, but if you are injured as a result of exertion, for example.

You can buy Sports Cover at the same time as you buy your licence either on the Suomisport website or your sport federation’s website. Select your sport and buy insurance!

When is Sports Cover valid and what does it compensate?

Sports Cover is valid in your sports matches, competitions and training, and when travelling directly to and from them. The insurance is also valid on sports camps related to the sport. It has been agreed with many sports federations that for children under 12, Sports Cover is also valid for sports under other sports federations.

Sports Cover pays medical expenses indemnity for up to 15,000 euros, handicap benefit for up to 30,000 euros and death benefit for up to 8,500 euros per loss. The insurance covers expenses incurred within three years of the occurrence of the injury. Dental injuries are an exception in that there is no maximum indemnity period.

You can insure your sport also by adding additional athletes’ covers to your health insurance. These will be valid continuously in the sports you choose.

I buy Sports Cover always before the beginning of the floorball season. It’s a fast sport with things happening quickly, and injuries do happen. Sports Cover enables me to make sure that I can get quick treatment if I need it, and be back playing as soon as possible.

Santeri Saarikoski Communication Expert, Pohjola Insurance

Agility, aikido, sports covered by Suomen Aikuisurheiluliitto, American football, biathlon, shooting, car sports under AKK, sports under the Finnish Billiard Federation, cheerleading, curling, defendo, sports under Finnish Dance Organization, disc golf, golf, skiing, aviation under the Finnish Aeronautical Association and ITF Taekwon-Do activities.

Archery, judo, ice hockey, bandy, karate, rinkball, bowling, climbing, sports covered by World Heavy Events Association, krav maga, brazilian jiu-jitsu, padel, wrestling, sports covered by Finnish Athletics Federation SUL, basketball, cricket, Finnish skittles, handball, surfing, volleyball, ultimate and snowboarding.

Field hockey, field archery, paddling, fencing, snowmobile riding, motorised flying, motorcycling covered by SML (Finnish Motorcycle Federation), muay thai, boxing, oriental moo do, weightlifting, paintball, Finnish baseball, petanque, activities of the Nordic Krav Maga Association, kickboxing and cycling.

Harness racing, ringette, rugby, floorball, savate, shukokai karate, rowing, squash, standup paddleboarding, orienteering, taekwondo, taido, figure skating, dancing, tennis, triathlon, water skiing and pentathlon.

The Pohjola Health Advisor
Contact Pohjola's Health Advisor through the application or by phone if you fall ill or injury yourself.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.