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Sports insurance

Get sports insurance either by adding athletes’ covers to your health insurance, or through Sports Cover

Select athletes' covers

if you want to expand your Health Insurance to cover competitive sports or high-risk sport you do.


Select Sports Cover

when buying a licence if you do a specific sport actively, train or compete in a club, or if you are a competitive athlete.


Pohjola Hospital for athletes

At Pohjola Hospitals, athletes are treated by Finland’s leading staff of medical specialists and rehabilitation experts.

Sports Insurance guarantees first-rate treatment and keeps you going

Thanks to Health Insurance, you can enjoy an active lifestyle without a worry and carry on jogging, conditioning or playing outdoor games, for example. However, if you go for competitive sports or high-risk sports, you need to take out sports insurance. You can take insurance for sports either by extending your Health Insurance with athletes’ covers, or by buying Sports Cover when you buy your sports licence.

When you take up a new sport, always check whether it is covered by insurance. Contact our customer service and we will find out what kind of sports insurance suits you best.


Sports insurance is necessary in at least the following cases:

  • You take part in competitions or matches organised by a sports federation or club,
  • you go in for a special sport referred to in the insurance terms and conditions or anything with higher risks that conditioning or
  • you take part in the competitive category of a conditioning event, such as the Finlandia-hiihto skiing event.
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Health Insurance by means of athletes' covers

Your Health Insurance will become sports insurance if you add to it athletes’ medical treatment cover, athletes’ dental cover and athletes' supplementary medical treatment cover. Extending the coverage of your Health Insurance is easiest done by calling our customer service.

Athletes’ covers included in Health Insurance are valid continuously in the sports you have chosen. You can choose the insurance to cover not only sports injuries but also injuries caused by exertions and illnesses specified in the terms and conditions. Coverable injuries include Achilles tendon and knee meniscus rupture and stress fractures. Supplementary medical treatment cover also compensates, for example, physiotherapy expenses or an orthopaedic brace enabling you to do the sport.

Children and young people can go in for competitive sports under athletes’ covers included in Health Insurance in different clubs until the age of 16. Anyone aged 16 or more may, however, select coverage for specific sports.

Aviation sports, including

  • hot air balloon and gasbag flight
  • motorised flying
  • hang-gliding and paragliding
  • microlight flying
  • skydiving
  • indoor skydiving
  • flying with amateur-built aircraft
  • gliding and motorsailing
  • parasailing

Team sports, including

  • American football
  • Australian football
  • rugby
  • lacrosse
  • roller derby

Combat sports, self-defence sports or martial arts, including

  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • wrestling

Climbing sports, including

  • ice and rock climbing
  • glacier and mountain climbing

Diving sports, including

  • scuba diving
  • freediving

Winter sports, including

  • sledding
  • freestyle skiing
  • speed and downhill skiing
  • off-piste skiing
  • downhill skating

Strength sports, including

  • strength athletics
  • powerlifting
  • weightlifting
  • bodybuilding

Other separately insured sports

  • BMX cycling
  • bungee jumping
  • skimbat or kite surfing
  • sailboarding and flyboarding
  • parkour
  • abseiling
  • acrobatics
  • free running
  • downhill biking
  • ocean sailing
  • BASE jumping
  • trekking into uninhabited areas, such as research expeditions or treks to mountains, jungles, deserts or wilds or other similar areas abroad
  • wildwater canoeing

Other sports of a comparable level of risk

Do you practice some other sport not included on the list? Check your insurance coverage from our customer service.

Sports cover for over 80 sports

Sports Cover is a fixed-period sports insurance for people of all ages. You can buy Sports Cover easily on your sports federation’s website at the same time you buy a licence. The insurance covers injuries sustained in your sport caused by sudden events, and also injuries caused by no external factor.

Sports Insurance covers, Pohjola Hospital treats

In addition to Sports Insurance, athletes can depend on Pohjola Hospital experts specialised in treating the part of your body that requires care, ensuring that you get the best possible know-how and experience.

Agility, aikido, sports covered by Suomen Aikuisurheiluliitto, American football, biathlon, shooting, car sports under AKK, sports under the Finnish Billiard Federation, cheerleading, curling, defendo, sports under Finnish Dance Organization, disc golf, golf, skiing, aviation under the Finnish Aeronautical Association and ITF Taekwon-Do activities.

Football, archery, judo, ice hockey, bandy, karate, rinkball, bowling, climbing, sports covered by World Heavy Events Association, krav maga, brazilian jiu-jitsu, padel, wrestling, sports covered by Finnish Athletics Federation SUL, basketball, cricket, Finnish skittles, handball, surfing, volleyball, ultimate and snowboarding.

Field hockey, field archery, paddling, fencing, snowmobile riding, motorised flying, motorcycling covered by SML (Finnish Motorcycle Federation), muay thai, boxing, oriental moo do, weightlifting, paintball, Finnish baseball, petanque, activities of the Nordic Krav Maga Association, kickboxing and cycling.

Harness racing, ringette, rugby, floorball, savate, shukokai karate, rowing, squash, standup paddleboarding, orienteering, taekwondo, taido, figure skating, dancing, tennis, triathlon, water skiing and pentathlon.

A hole in one insurance compensates a golfer who has made a hole in one for drinks expenses for up to 500 euros. The insurance is valid during all rounds in training and competitions. The drinks are served on the day the hole-in-one was made, in the restaurant of the golf club on whose golf course the hole-in-one was made.

Report your hole-in-one by phoning 010 253 1333. We will need the receipt and your bank details, location and time, hole number and which club you were to make the shot.

Benefits from Pohjola Insurance

You receive the following insurance benefits for prime customers when you have policies from at least three different product categories:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance, continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies
  • as our prime customer aged 18–27, a discount of 21% on nearly all insurance for home and family policies.
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.

If you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you are entitled to an extra discount of 3% on most insurance products. The extra 3% discount for owner-customers cannot be combined with the 21% discount for young insurance customers.

Regardless of your number of policies or type of customer relationship, we always offer the following benefits:

  • a 2.5% discount when paying your insurance bill in one instalment.
  • a permanent 5% discount on life insurance purchased online.
  • free life insurance for one year for parents of children under 12 month

Benefits for OP cooperative bank owner-customer

As an owner-customer, you get the following benefits regardless of your number of policies:

  • OP bonuses you accrue will be used to pay insurance premiums*
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.
  • deductible benefit of 250 euros for MyHome Insurance.
  • free Product Protection Insurance for purchases made using OP credit cards

*As our owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses, which are used to pay insurance premiums and banking service charges. OP bonuses are earned from insurance policies, loans, savings and investments, funds in your accounts, and purchases paid with OP-Visa using the credit function.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Pohjola Insurance Ltd’s representatives.