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Personal insurance provides cover for your health. You can take out insurance for yourself and your loved ones against risks such as a sudden illness or an accidental injury. Personal insurance also provides cover if your family’s livelihood is reduced by the saddest occurrence in life – the death of a family member. It protects your wellbeing when you travel abroad or engage in sports activities organised by a sports association, or when you consider insurance cover against risks such as disability or a critical illness. Choose the personal insurance you want below, read more about it, calculate the price and buy it easily online.


Pohjola Health Insurance provides cover throughout your life


Insurance for an unborn child
Health insurance for an adult
Child insurance


Other personal insurance


Travel insurance
Sports insurance
Insurance for voluntary workers
Life insurance
Sports Cover
NewLife life insurance
Mies ja nainen sateenvarjon alla huonekasvin kanssa
OP Critical Illness and Life Cover
Three kinds of cover in one package: critical illness, accidental permanent disability and life insurance.
Disability Insurance


Why should you take out personal insurance?

Most people take out insurance on their home, vehicles and the most important valuables. However, the most important asset – health – often remains uninsured.

It pays to take out personal insurance to make sure that you get the best possible care if you run into health problems. An illness or injury typically occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. With a personal insurance policy, you can ensure that you get the best care without delay and quickly return to your normal life. Personal insurance also provides financial security for your family if you, as the policyholder, die due to an illness or injury.

When you take out personal insurance with Pohjola Insurance, you also gain access to a free-of-charge Pohjola Health Advisor service. Should you have any health concerns, you can call the Health Advisor, who will assess your condition and, if necessary, refer you to a suitable health care professional. As our insurance customer, you can seek care conveniently at a Pohjola Hospital or a Pohjola Insurance partner. Our partner will attend to your insurance matters on your behalf: you only pay the deductible and we will handle the rest. You do not have to file a separate claim. Choose the personal insurance you want from above and read more about the benefits of the insurance in case of illness or injury.

What does personal insurance cover?

Compensation payable under personal insurance depends on the type of insurance you choose.

Health insurance provides cover for your health against medical, examination or rehabilitation costs arising from an illness or injury. Travel insurance provides cover for your health and, if you so choose, for your luggage when you travel abroad. Life insurance provides lump-sum compensation if the insured person dies due to an illness or injury. OP Critical Illness and Life Cover consists of the following three components: cover for critical illness, accidental permanent disability cover, and life insurance. The insurance pays out a lump sum compensation chosen by the policyholder. Select the personal insurance you want above for a complete description of what the insurance covers.

The insurance policies presented on this page are voluntary personal insurance policies for private individuals. Read more information on statutory personal insurance provided by Pohjola Insurance for corporate customers.

Calculate the personal insurance premium easily online

How much does a personal insurance cost? The price of personal insurance depends on the type of insurance you choose, the covers that you include in your policy and the deductibles that you select for those covers. Choose the insurance you want above, after which you can calculate a price for it online. You can tailor the coverage included in your policy to cover loss events with the scope of your choice. When you have chosen the coverage and deductibles, you will see a preliminary price for your policy, after which you can further edit the content of your policy.

Please note that certain types of personal insurance can only be bought by calling our Insurance Services. In this case, you can discuss the content and price of the insurance with our insurance experts.

Health insurance – voluntary personal insurance provided by Pohjola Insurance

Pohjola Insurance's health insurance provides cover for your health throughout your life. You can tailor a policy to suit your needs and choose whether you want it to cover only expenses arising from injuries or those arising from both illnesses and injuries. Insurance against injuries for yourself or your loved ones provides compensation if, for example, you need to seek medical care when you have fallen over or hurt yourself in a leisure time accident. If you extend the cover to include illnesses as well, you can also claim compensation for a sudden illness and for any medical expenses incurred due to seeing a doctor. Insurance is also there to help you if you are referred to an MRI examination, for example, or an operation or rehabilitation as a result of an illness or injury.

Pohjola Claim Help provides assistance in cases of personal injury

Pohjola Claim Help is a search engine for any eventuality. If an injury or illness occurs, Pohjola Claim Help will quickly and easily provide assistance and instructions suitable for your situation. Type a description of the incident into the service. The service will find instructions for your situation, including the contact information of Pohjola Hospital, the Health Advisor and other Pohjola Insurance partners at your service. Pohjola Claim Help also provides information on what your insurance covers.


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