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NewLife insurance

As you get more family members, the need for life insurance increases. Parents often remember to insure their children against accidents and illness, but may not come to think how the children would manage if one of the parents died.

NewLife insurance secures your new situation

NewLife is a EUR 20,000 life insurance in case of a parent’s death when the child is less than 12 months old. This gives the surviving parent means to provide for household expenditures and the child´s education, for example. 

We offer NewLife insurance to both parents separately for the next 12 months of the child’s life for free. After this, the insurance will continue automatically subject to a premium.

You do not have to fill in a health declaration to get the policy. You can get NewLife insurance even if you have some restrictions concerning your health.

NewLife gives security in difficult times

NewLife insurance pays a compensation to the beneficiary if you die suddenly during the life insurance policy’s validity period. It makes no difference whether death was caused by illness or accident. We recommend that both parents take out NewLife insurance, but you can also buy it for just one parent.

Owner-customers get additional benefit

If you are an OP owner-customer, you can get NewLife insurance with a free 40% increase in the amount of compensation. This means that the compensation is not EUR 20,000 but EUR 28,000. This owner-customer benefit is also valid for other life insurance policies granted by OP Life Assurance Company.

The insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd.
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