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Travel insurance

Cover for passengers and luggage

Insured travel, carefree holiday

Our travel insurance compensates both medical expenses and, for example, medical flights in the event of severe injury.


Travel Emergency Service always there for you

In the event of a sudden travel illness or accident, our service number provides assistance in English 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Tailorable cancellation cover

As a result of the new Act on Travel Service Combinations (former Package Travel Act), travel insurance becomes more and more important. We will compensate travel cancellation costs regardless of the type of travel up to the maximum compensation.

Travel insurance for yourself and your family

When on holiday, you should forget about your daily troubles and just enjoy yourself. And should there be trouble, Eurooppalainen’s travel insurance is there for you. Traveller's insurance coverage includes:

  • medical treatment expenses for travel illnesses and accidents without an upper limit or deductible
  • costs arising from the cancellation or interruption of the trip
  • medical flights to Finland that have been approved in advance by the insurance company, if the medical condition of the passenger so requires.

In a family that travels frequently either in Finland or abroad, each family member, including the children, should have continuous travel insurance.

A medical flight from Thailand may cost up to EUR 150,000.
Matkavakuutus korvaa, jos sairastut matkalla.

Continuous or fixed-term travel insurance

If you travel several times a year, travel insurance that is continuously valid is often the cheaper alternative. Continuous travel insurance is especially useful if you also travel within Finland, since by adding your travel insurance to cover domestic journeys, it will also cover visits to grandparents and ski trips.

You can tailor a continuous insurance policy to your needs, and it will be valid until you turn 100. As your continuous travel insurance is always valid when booking new trips, you will get the most out of its extensive cancellation cover.

The best travel insurance is the kind that meets your needs exactly. If you only travel occasionally, a fixed-term travel policy taken for each trip is a good and inexpensive option.

travel insurance
travel insurance
When is it best? When travelling several times each year in Finland or abroad. When travelling only around once a year.
Where is it valid? On trips outside Finland. Domestic travel can also be included in the policy. In the country or countries you have selected.
For how long
it is valid?
On all trips of up to the maximum duration you have selected. We recommend a maximum duration of at least 45 days, and it may be up to 4 months depending on your selection. If you need insurance for a longer trip or are going abroad on exchange, contact our customer service. According to your selected start and end dates.
Are children insured? Children require their personal traveller's insurance. Children under the age of 15 are included in the insurance when travelling with parents or grandparents.
How does it cover cancellations? Cancellations are covered up to the maximum compensation you have selected. Depending on your travel habits, you can select a maximum compensation higher than 3,000 euros. Covers cancellation costs up to 3,000 euros.
How adjustable is it? The maximum trip duration and content of insurance can be adjusted extensively to suit your needs. Offers mostly fixed cover that can’t be adjusted. You may choose to include cover in case of permanent disability or death.
Is there a minimum or maximum age? The insurance may be granted to babies already during pregnancy and up to persons aged 99. Expires at age 100. May be granted to ages 0–85, expires at age 86.

I value the ease of continuous travel insurance: I do not have to separately purchase insurance for each trip and fill in the required forms. A continuous policy also comes in handy if I opt for a last minute deal – I have much less to prepare before the trip since insurance is already taken care of.

Kristiina Helsinki, Finland

Travel insurance - a small price for comprehensive cover

If you fall ill or have an accident while abroad, the cost of travel insurance is small compared to the cover it provides. The costs of medical treatment provided abroad and possible medication may rise to several hundreds or even thousands of euros, many times the price of even the most comprehensive travel insurance.

When comparing travel insurance policies and their prices, be sure to also look at what the travel insurance covers and how you will be able to get the most comprehensive cover against illness or injury. The prices of travel insurance policies also vary depending on whether you also insure your luggage or what sum you select as the maximum compensation for cancellation cover, for example. A cheap travel insurance may not always be the best option for your needs.

Be sure to take into account the services included in the travel insurance. When selecting travel insurance by Eurooppalainen, you will have access to the Travel Emergency Service, Pohjola Health Advisor and Pohjola Claim Help.

Travel Emergency Service assists when abroad, Pohjola Health Advisor when in Finland

In an emergency, you can visit any doctor or hospital for first aid. Visit Pohjola Claim Help to find our partner doctors close to you, whether you are in Finland or abroad.

When travelling outside Finland, you can also call the Eurooppalainen Travel Emergency Service for assistance in finding a trusted doctor or hospital at your destination. The Travel Emergency Service provides assistance in Finnish, Swedish and English from the number +358 102 530 011.

When travelling within Finland, the Pohjola Health Advisor service provides assistance in the event of an illness or accident. Call or use the app to chat with the Pohjola Hospital medical specialist, the Health Advisor, and they will evaluate your symptoms and refer you to the correct treatment if necessary. The service is free of charge for Pohjola Insurance customers.

Remember to also insure your luggage

It is recommended that you include luggage insurance in your travel insurance to cover your luggage throughout the world. We compensate, for example, if your luggage is delayed, your camera is broken or your wallet is stolen. 

Travel liability insurance and legal expenses travel insurance are also always incorporated in luggage insurance. Travel liability insurance provides compensation if, during your journey, you cause loss to others for which you are liable by law. Legal expenses insurance, on the other hand, helps you with legal expenses related to disputed civil cases, criminal cases or non-contentious civil cases.

Planning on trying out high-risk sports?

Travelling is an excellent way to experiencing and trying out new things. However, travel insurance does not automatically cover, for example, competitive sports or high-risk sports; for them, you need to take out an extension. So please contact our customer service if your journey involves, for example, combat sports, parachuting, scuba diving or off-piste skiing.

Where can I get a travel insurance card?

We deliver a travel insurance card for continuous traveller's insurance to your home address by post. If your card is lost or broken, you can order a new one from op.fi on your traveller's insurance page. We will send you a new travel insurance card by post within two weeks.

OP-mobile is handy also when travelling: your travel insurance card will readily available electronically in OP-mobile.

For fixed-term traveller's insurance, the insurance policy qualifies as proof of valid traveller's insurance.

How can I get a certificate of travel insurance for a visa?

If you a travelling to a country for which a visa is required, the certificate of travel insurance does not have to include the insurance company’s stamp or signature, so you can print out the certificate right away from the Internet Service at: Insurance ‒ Traveller's insurance ‒ Order certificate of travel insurance for a visa. Alternatively, you can order it to be delivered by post to your home address free of charge.

Owner-customer benefits

If you are our owner-customer and have policies from three product lines, you are entitled to an almost 10% discount on most policies and a discount of nearly 18% on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with no-claims bonus. If you are aged between 18 and 27, you can get a 21% discount on almost all home and family insurance policies.

Other benefits

  • A 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance
  • 200-euro benefit of the deductible under MyHome Insurance
  • one-year, free-of-charge life insurance for parents with a child under one year of age

OP bonuses

Owner-members not only get OP bonuses for home, family and vehicle insurance premiums, but also for

  • loans
  • savings and investments
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with OP-Visa credit.

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Eurooppalainen Insurance Company Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Eurooppalainen Insurance Company’s representatives.