What does travel insurance cover?

At its most extensive coverage, travel insurance compensates a variety of losses to both travellers and luggage. See the following examples of coverage situations to see what your travel insurance will cover and which losses or damages remain your own responsibility.

What your travel insurance covers

Below are examples of loss situations involving travel insurance. We describe the situation and whether the loss is generally covered by travel insurance. Please note that we handle every claim individually and the nature of the event may determine whether we can pay compensation.


Does travel insurance cover: Cases of illness at the travel destination

Brian has departed for a two-week beach holiday in Thailand with his family. The first week is spent leisurely, but as the second week rolls on, Brian begins to feel strange symptoms. Feverish and nauseated, Brian seeks treatment at a local doctor. Over the day, his symptoms worsen and he is forced to spend the night under medication and supervision at the local hospital. Thanks to the treatment, Brian’s condition improves and he is able to continue the trip. The doctor prescribes Brian medication to prevent further symptoms. 

Answer: Brian’s travel insurance includes comprehensive traveller's insurance. As a result, the medical examination, hospital care and prescription drugs are covered by Medical Treatment Cover included in his traveller's insurance.

Good to know

Traveller's Medical Treatment Cover also compensates the costs of laboratory examinations, endoscopy and MRI and computed tomography scans, for example. Traveller's insurance Medical Treatment Cover also compensates daily hospital charges, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, and wound dressings.


Does travel insurance cover: A laptop computer breaking down during the trip

Emily has set off on a springtime backpacking tour of Central Europe. As she likes to book the night’s accommodation while on the train to her next destination, Emily has packed her laptop along to handle bookings and for entertainment during train rides. One day, her train is forced to make an emergency stop, and Emily’s computer flies off her lap onto the floor. As it drops, the laptop’s screen hits the seat’s metal handle. The screen is cracked, and the picture is blurry. In Emily’s estimate, her laptop is now as good as worthless.

Answer: For her trip, Emily has chosen a travel insurance that includes cover for luggage with luggage insurance. Damage to the laptop computer is covered by the luggage insurance. 

Good to know

Damage to luggage is compensated up to the maximum sum insured you have selected for the luggage insurance. When compensating damage to luggage, the age reduction of items is always taken into account. For IT equipment and accessories, the age reduction is 25% per the number of full calendar years following the item’s first year of use. When paying the compensation, the deductible you have selected for the insurance is also taken into account. In the case of luggage insurance, the deductible may be waived entirely. 


Does travel insurance cover: Missed departure

David and Susan are leaving for a weekend getaway in London. Their long-awaited trip starts off with a bus ride to the airport. The journey is cut short, however, when the public bus they have taken has a traffic accident. David and Susan finally manage to reach the airport, but they miss their flight to London. They check in for the next possible flight, which does not depart until the following morning.

Answer: The couple’s continuous travel insurance policies include cover for travellers in the form of traveller's insurance. Their traveller's insurance’s Missed Departure Cover compensates extra accommodation costs at the airport hotel. Missed Departure Cover also compensates the share of the missed day of travel of the total price of the trip. 

Good to know

Costs covered by Missed Departure Cover include 
reasonable extra travel and accommodation costs that are necessary in order to continue the journey to your destination or back to the final destination in Finland according to your original itinerary
entirely unused travel services at the destination you had already paid for
part of the price of the journey in proportion to lost days owing to the missed departure, or the price of the entire journey if it is impossible to join the journey any more. In order for the costs of a missed mode of transport to be covered, you must have purchased a ticket for the transport. 
Traveller's insurance Missed Departure Cover does not compensate for missed departures resulting from a strike or bankruptcy or due to your own negligence, such as sleeping through your alarm or leaving too late for the departure. 


Does travel insurance cover: Luggage not arriving at the destination

Sarah has treated herself to a week of sunbathing at a resort on the Mediterranean. After arriving at the local airport and waiting at the baggage claim for some time, it dawns on Sarah that her luggage has not reached the same destination. She investigates the fate of her luggage with the airline and learns that her bags have ended up on the wrong flight. Sarah reaches an agreement with the airline on the delivery of her luggage and possible compensation for the delay, but she must get by without her belongings for two days at her destination.

Answer: Sarah’s travel insurance includes cover for luggage, or luggage insurance. Luggage insurance compensates the purchase costs of necessities up to 100 euros per day, in this case to at most 200 euros for two days.

Good to know

Luggage insurance compensates in the event that on the trip out, the arrival of your luggage at the destination is delayed by more than 2 hours. The insurance covers the purchase of necessities up to 100 euros per day, to at most 400 euros per insured person. 


Does travel insurance cover: Passport stolen during the trip

Julie is spending the summer holidays with her friends, on a tour of Northern Europe that has become something of a tradition. On the third day, their trip is rudely interrupted when during the bus ride, her passport and a wallet with 50 euros’ worth in local currency disappears from Julie’s backpack. Upon investigation, she discovers that she has been the victim of a crime: her passport and wallet have been stolen. Julie reports the offence to the local police. 

Answer: Julie has opted to include cover for luggage as part of her travel insurance. Luggage insurance covers travel and accommodation costs and call charges resulting from a stolen passport up to 200 euros. The stolen money is also covered by luggage insurance. 

Good to know

Luggage insurance covers the purchase costs of new documents up to 200 euros in the event that a passport, visa or travel ticket is stolen during the trip. Money and securities are compensated up to 100 euros when carrying them on your person and up to 500 euros when locked in a safe deposit box. 


What does travel insurance not cover?

Pohjola Travel Insurance is a great way to protect passengers and luggage, but during your trip, you may also encounter losses that are not covered by travel insurance. Below, are some examples of losses not covered by travel insurance.

Travel insurance does not cover, for example:

  • Pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, infertility or illnesses or complications related to these.
  • Illnesses or accidents that occur during the trip as the result of substance abuse.
  • Cancellation of a trip due to a fear of flying.
  • Cancellation of a trip due to substance abuse or the use of other intoxicants.
  • Missed departures caused by the insured person’s negligence. 
  • Missed or delayed departures caused by a strike or bankruptcy.
  • Wear and tear, scratching or damage to luggage. 
  • Valuables stolen, for example, from a car, tent or boat. 
  • Damage to sports gear during use. 

For a detailed list of travel losses not covered by Pohjola Travel Insurance, see the travel insurance product guide and insurance terms and conditions.

The product details on this page apply to the presently offered travel insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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