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Continuous travel insurance

Continuous travel insurance is the wisest option for you if you travel several times a year. Customise a suitable cover for yourself and your luggage on all your trips abroad and, at an additional premium, also on domestic trips.

You can apply for continuous travel insurance if you are aged under 100, have a permanent residence in Finland, and live in Finland for more than half the year. 

Continuous travel insurance in a nutshell

  • The easiest and most affordable option if you travel in or outside Finland at least twice a year.
  • Suitable for travels by the whole family, coverage from babies up to 100 years.
  • Every family member is insured under separate traveller's insurance, including children and grandchildren.
  • You can customise the insurance fully according to your travel needs.
  • If you wish you can include all cover you need for your journey, i.e. traveller's insurance and luggage insurance (includes the travel liability and legal expenses travel insurance).
  • Care-free insurance always valid on continuous trips under 45 days. You can extend the validity of the insurance for a trip lasting up to six months.
  • You can also cover domestic trips if you wish.

Request an offer for travel insurance

You can easily request an offer for continuous travel insurance online. Please note that the travel insurance must be bought and paid for at least three days before you leave for your Travel Cancellation Cover to be valid.

Continuous travel insurance covers the traveller and the luggage

Continuous travel insurance consists of continuous traveller’s insurance, which covers your health, and continuous luggage insurance that covers your luggage. You can choose one or both of these and customise continuous travel insurance to meet your needs.

Continuous traveller’s insurance

Continuous traveller’s insurance is personal for each family member, including children. Children are not covered under their parents’ or grandparents’ insurance. Continuous traveller’s insurance must also be taken out for unborn children, as the mother’s insurance does not cover, for example, sudden changes in the pregnancy.

Continuous luggage insurance

Continuous luggage insurance provides cover for your luggage. When you take out continuous luggage insurance that covers the whole family, the policy covers the luggage of all family members living in the same household, even if they travel separately from the rest of the family. Personal continuous luggage insurance covers your own luggage as well as the luggage of any family member living in the same household, when you travel together as a group. Make sure, however, that the sum insured is sufficient for all the luggage you are taking along.

What does continuous travel insurance cover?

Continuous traveller's insurance provides versatile cover against various loss events on your trips abroad and, at an additional premium, also on domestic trips. For buying continuous traveller’s insurance from our webshop, we have assembled a readily comprehensive basic package for you. The package includes Traveller's Medical Treatment Cover, Travel Cancellation Cover, Travel Interruption Cover, and Cover for Missed or Delayed Departure with basic coverage. Among others, Traveller's Medical Treatment Cover covers medical treatment expenses due to travel illness or travel accident in private or public health care without a maximum monetary limit. Travel Cancellation Cover, in turn,  compensates expenses caused by journey cancellation which the tour organiser or another service provider is not obliged to refund.

Under continuous luggage insurance, we will pay compensation for the breakage, heft or other sudden and unforeseeable loss of your luggage. Travel liability and legal expenses travel insurance are automatically included in the insurance.

For more information on the coverage of continuous travel insurance, see the continuous travel insurance product guide.

Territorial limits of continuous travel insurance

Coverage under continuous traveller’s insurance is valid on trips abroad throughout the world. For an additional premium, the insurance is also valid on domestic trips in Finland.

A trip abroad begins when you depart on a journey from your home, place of work or study or holiday home in Finland, and ends once you return to any of the above locations. Domestic trips refer to trips within Finland of a distance of more than 50 kilometres from your home, place of work or study, or holiday home, as measured by the shortest route in a straight line. However, the insurance is not valid in these places or on trips between these places.

The product details on this page apply to the presently offered travel insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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