On holiday with a pet

Are you taking your pet for an exhibition or a competition abroad? Can you take along a dear pet on your holiday for company? Remember to get coverage for your pet.

Travel insurance for a pet?

You can take out a travel policy for your pet, too. We offer Pohjola Animal Insurance for a dog, pedigree cat or horse, because Pohjola Insurance does not have a separate travel insurance for animals.

Animals need special care and treatment if they fall ill or are injured. Medical treatment expenses insurance ensures that your pet gets quick and good treatment. Animal insurance also provides financial compensation if the worst happens and your pet dies or disappears.

Facts about animal insurance when travelling

  • Animal insurance is valid in all Nordic countries
  • Medical treatment expenses, animal, animal liability and loss-of-use insurance policies are also valid in other EU countries and Switzerland (valid for up to 12 months continuously)
  • The territorial scope of some policies can be expanded by separate agreement and for an additional premium. So if you are planning of travelling outside Europe, please contact us for a quote
  • Policies are granted on the basis of the animal's health, which means you have to fill in health declaration of the animal.

Animal insurance can be granted to a dog or pedigree cat registered in Finland, so you cannot insure the new family member until it has been registered in Finland. Dogs and pedigree cats can be insured from the age of 6 weeks. We do not grant insurance to a dog or cat over the age of 7.