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Requesting an insurance quote is easy, and submitting one does not obligate you in any way. Submit a request for a quote regarding the insurance policies you are interested in, using the form below. We will contact you by phone within a few working days once the insurance quote we have drawn up is ready. The policies will enter into force when you accept the quote. You can also reject the insurance quote or request changes to it.


Questions about your current Pohjola Insurance policies?

If you have any questions regarding the contents or premiums of your current insurance policies, you can best reach us by phone or by logging in and sending a message to our Customer Service.

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Why ask for an insurance quote from Pohjola Insurance?

Our mission is to provide insurance cover that meets your needs. When you ask us for an insurance quote, we will respond with an offer that is personalised to your needs and call you back in order to go over the insurance cover and premiums with you. You don’t need to study the terms and conditions of each insurance policy on your own or wonder how one policy differs from another – that’s our job! At Pohjola Insurance, we provide this service for you.  

How do I ask for an insurance quote?

Requesting an insurance quote is easy and fast and does not obligate you in any way. Begin by choosing the insurance policies for which you want to receive a quote. Fill in the necessary basic details on the objects to be insured and submit the request for quote by clicking Send. Our experts will prepare a proposal based on your request and call you back within 1 to 3 weekdays. If you accept our proposal, your insurance policies will take effect as of the date you have agreed with our expert. If you wish, you can reject the proposal or request changes to it. 

What benefits and discounts am I entitled to by requesting an insurance quote from Pohjola Insurance?

Choosing Pohjola for all your insurance needs pays off, and as our prime customer, you get a continuous discount on products such as home and personal insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. To become a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you need insurance for yourself, your loved ones or your property from at least three different insurance categories. The categories are: motor liability insurancecomprehensive motor vehicle insurancepersonal insurancecontinuous travel insurance and property insurance such as home insurancepet insurance or forest insurance.

I am an OP cooperative bank owner-customer. Am I entitled to any discounts or perks on my insurance?

Owner-customers of OP cooperative banks are also entitled to perks and discounts on insurance products. Our owner-customers earn OP bonuses that are automatically used to pay insurance premiums. As our owner-customer, you also get a free 40% increase on the sum insured of your life insurance policy. If you are both an OP cooperative bank owner-customer and a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you get an additional 3% loyalty discount on your insurance. Ask us for an insurance quote and take advantage of our perks and discounts!