Disability Insurance

Cover for permanent disability caused by illness or injury

Lump-sum compensation according to your needs

Select compensation of up to EUR 300,000 against disability.


Valid until 63 years of age

You can take out disability insurance when you are aged between 18 and 58, and it will be valid until 63.


Benefits for OP cooperative bank's owner-customers

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

How to ask for an offer for Disability Insurance:

1. Go to the request for offer.

2. Select the insured item: person.

3. Click continue and choose Health Insurance.

4. Fill in your details and mention that you want an offer only for Disability Insurance in the supplementary information field.

5. Submit the offer request and wait for us to contact you. We will contact you and discuss the offer with you.

Disability insurance to secure your finances

Loss of working capacity may make your daily life a lot more difficult, especially if your household expenses are unchanged but your income is lower. In case of disability, the statutory disability pension is based on your salary and is at best only 60% of it, which means it is advisable to get additional cover in case of disability. A lump-sum compensation payable under the disability insurance policy can help you continue life without major financial difficulty despite your disability.

Disability insurance provides coverage if, owing to an illness or injury, you become permanently disabled to continue in your work or any other work which, taking into account your age and professional skills, is suitable to you and ensures a reasonable living. A lump-sum compensation that you chose will be paid once the permanent disability has continued for at least three months and the insurance continues to be valid.

Disability insurance is granted on the basis of the health declaration you filled in. We will send you an electronic health declaration to be filled in after you have applied for the insurance online.

Disability insurance adjusts to your needs

You can tailor the insurance cover of your disability insurance policy according to your life situation and needs. You can choose disability insurance either with a fixed or decreasing cover. If you choose fixed cover, the amount of compensation remains the same throughout the years, while the premiums rise annually. Fixed coverage is a good choice especially if you want to be sure about the amount of compensation regardless of your life situation.

As your loan capital decreases and your children grow older, the need for disability cover may also decrease. That’s when disability insurance with decreasing cover may be a suitable option. The amount of compensation decreases annually while the premium stays the same. The annual premium is unchanged while the amount of compensation decreases gradually. However, the amount of compensation will never be less than 10,000 euros.

Statutory disability pension will, even at best, only be about 60% of your wage or salary. Voluntary disability insurance provides additional cover.

Heidi Savolainen Risk Insurance Advisor, Pohjola Insurance

Disability caused by illness or injury

Disability insurance will compensate if, as a result of an illness or injury, you become permanently unable to work. However, no compensation will be paid if the permanent disability is the result of alcohol or medicine abuse. Neither will any compensation be paid if the disability is caused either by the use of narcotics or by attempted suicide within the first 12 months of the start of insurance.

Disability insurance coverage may also be extended to competitive sports, or some special or high-risk sport. More extensive coverage must, however, be agreed upon separately, so please remember to mention it when applying.

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