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Are the wages you pay per calendar year worth over 1,300 euros? - If so, you need to take out workers' compensation insurance

You need to take out insurance for your employee to cover him against occupational injury and to take care of his pension cover.

If you agree or assess that you will pay a total of over 1,300 euros during a calendar year in wages for, say, cleaning your house, you are obliged to take out workers' compensation insurance for you employees or even a single employee. Take out the insurance before the person you have hired begins to work as soon as you are aware that wages exceed 1,300 euros.

The insurance enables your employee to get treatment quickly after he has injured while working or contracted an occupational disease. The obligation to insure and related compensation are based on the Employment Accident and Occupational Disease Act.

Examples of workers or type of work that require insurance are as follows:

  • House helpers
  • House cleaners
  • Nannies
  • Geriatric nurses
  • Building maintenance
  • Paintwork
  • Forest work
  • Gardening
  • Construction work

The insurance premium is determined by the nature of work and the payroll bill. The premium is subject to annual review.

As employer, you are also responsible for arranging pension insurance for your employees. Learn more about pension insurance on the website of our partner Ilmarinen.

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