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Motor liability insurance with quick bonus development

An incredible 40% starting bonus on a new driver’s motor vehicle insurance – you will not find a better starting bonus anywhere! With the quick bonus development, you will earn an 80% maximum bonus in as quickly as five years.


Voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your car

Include a voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in your insurance policy and get comprehensive cover against losses. Our most comprehensive policy, Super Motor Insurance, even covers damage to your car when it is parked in a parking garage.


Car insurance now covers windscreen damage

Windscreen Cover is an optional additional cover for your car insurance. It covers your vehicle’s windscreen and windows against glass cracks and other damage. Windscreen Cover is now available for all comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies for passenger cars.


Immediate help in the event of loss – without unnecessary loss reports

Look in Pohjola Claim Help for instructions on what to do in the event of loss, as well as for information about what your motor vehicle insurance covers. When you contact a Pohjola Repair Advisor about a loss event, the Repair Advisor handles any repairs and claim applications for you.


Your kilometres driven now affect the price of motor vehicle insurance

Your number of kilometres driven now affects the price of new comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies. If you drive very little during the year, this is reflected in the price of your motor vehicle insurance. If the number of kilometres you drive changes, you can report the new number easily at Your number of kilometres driven has no effect on your insurance coverage.

Looking for the cheapest car insurance? Lower price for loyal customers

As a loyal customer of Pohjola Insurance or an owner-customer of OP cooperative bank, you can get up to 10 % off the annual price of the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with bonus entitlement and earn OP bonuses that can be used for paying insurance premiums. Learn more about our benefits and get a quote for insurance online.

Pohjola Car Insurance – Cover tailored for your car

Pohjola Car Insurance offers excellent cover for your passenger car. Car insurance policies always include mandatory motor liability insurance. In the event of an accident, motor liability insurance covers all personal injuries and any property damage to the innocent party.

At its best, car insurance also includes voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers loss and damage, such as vandalism, windscreen damage and collision damage, based on the types of cover you have chosen to include in your insurance policy. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance options for Pohjola Motor Vehicle Insurance include Medium Motor Insurance, Standard Motor Insurance and the most comprehensive Super Motor Insurance.

How is the price of motor vehicle insurance determined?

The price of motor vehicle insurance depends on the make and age of your vehicle, the no-claims bonuses you have earned, and the cover you choose to include in the policy, among other factors. Your motor vehicle insurance premium is also influenced by the deductible you choose and possible discounts to which you are entitled.

To get a recommendation and price for insurance that suits your car, enter your car’s registration number in the calculator at the top of the page.

Can I get a discount on motor vehicle insurance?

As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you get a 7% discount on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with a no-claims bonus. If you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get an extra 3% discount on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a total discount of nearly 10%.

Can I use OP bonuses to pay motor vehicle insurance premiums?

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses from your monthly transactions. The bonuses are automatically used to pay insurance premiums. For example, a home loan of 50,000 euros earns you 125 euros in OP bonuses in one year.

Should I get the cheapest car insurance?

The price of your car insurance is based partly on the cover you have chosen to include in your insurance policy. The more comprehensive the cover, the more expensive your car insurance. The motor vehicle insurance price calculator lets you instantly check the insurance premium for your car. You can easily compare the cover of the various types of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to see how the cheapest price can affect the cover provided by the insurance.

However, a cheap car insurance may be surprisingly expensive when a loss event occurs, if it does not cover the loss or damage in question. In such case, you may end up paying a high price for your cheap insurance policy.

For example, if the car you use daily is damaged, finding and paying for a replacement car out of pocket may be time-consuming and costly. Cheap car insurance policies also rarely compensate for damage caused by an unknown party by scratching or bumping into your parked car.

In reality, the cheapest car insurance is one that actually helps when you need it. When taking out car insurance and comparing the price of different insurance policies, it is worth considering the total costs that a loss or damage might cause you. In the event of a loss, the cheapest car insurance is not necessarily cheap at all.


What does car insurance cover?

  Super Motor Insurance Standard Motor Insurance Medium Motor Insurance
An unknown third party collided with your parked car Selectable Ei Ei
We will pay you a higher redemption amount if your vehicle is damaged too badly to justify repairs. Selectable Ei Ei
You will get access to a replacement car if the damage is due to a technical fault or accident covered under comprehensive motor vehicle insurance Selectable Ei Ei
Your car’s windscreen breaks, or an impact to the windscreen causes a crack can that can be repaired Selectable Selectable Selectable
Your car is damaged due to a crash, collision or swerving off the road, for example Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Your journey is interrupted due to a technical fault in the car or another reason, resulting in additional expenses for you Kyllä Kyllä Selectable
Your car is scratched or otherwise intentionally vandalised Kyllä Kyllä Selectable
You incur legal expenses in a dispute related to the car’s ownership, for example Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä
Your locked car is broken into or an attempt is made to steal the car Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä
You get into a collision with an elk, deer or other animal, damaging your car Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä
Your car suffers fire damage due to a short circuit of electrical equipment, for example Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä
Motor Liability Insurance
Personal injuries and damage to the other party’s property caused by the collision
Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä

Insuring your car with Super Motor Insurance - the best cover for your car

If you want to ensure the best possible insurance cover and stay on the road whatever happens, we recommend Super Motor Insurance. Super Motor Insurance is a motor vehicle insurance that you can tailor to your needs with the following four types of optional cover:

1. Consequential Loss Cover

With Consequential Loss Cover, we will deliver a replacement car to the scene of loss, if necessary. Thanks to the replacement car, you can continue your life normally while your own car is being repaired.

2. Parking Cover

Parking Cover covers dents caused by an unknown party in a car park.

3. Windscreen Cover

With Windscreen Cover, your car’s broken windscreen or windows are replaced with no loss of no-claims bonus. If the windscreen or window is repaired, you pay no deductible. Windscreen Cover is also available as an option in other comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies for passenger cars.

4. Super Salvage

Super Salvage offers a higher redemption amount, giving you a better price if your car is redeemed. There are two salvage options: redemption at replacement value or redemption at current value plus an increase of up to 30%. The amount we pay for redemption at replacement value is the cash sales price of a new similar vehicle at the time of the loss or when the vehicle was last for sale. If the conditions for redemption at replacement value are not met, we can redeem the car at its current value before the accident plus an increase of up to 30%. For detailed information on salvage cover and the terms, see the insurance terms and conditions for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance at the bottom of this page.

Why choose Pohjola Car Insurance for your car?

Pohjola Car Insurance is an excellent package for both new and experienced drivers. Below you can find more information about why Pohjola Car Insurance suits any driver.

Motor vehicle insurance no-claims bonus

As a new driver, you can get an initial bonus of up to 40% on your motor liability insurance. By driving safely, you can quickly increase your bonus, and in two (2) years it may be up to 60%. We reward experienced drivers with a maximum bonus of up to 80% and bonus cover that offers protection against loss of no-claims bonus. Whether you are a new or an experienced driver, you will get a full 70% bonus for your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to begin with.

The calculator will also calculate the personal bonus for your motor vehicle insurance when you check the price of your motor vehicle insurance. The motor vehicle insurance bonus calculator will calculate the bonus for both the motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance based on your information.

Learn more about no-claims bonus for motor liability insurance

Learn more about no-claims bonus for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies

Low motor vehicle insurance deductibles

The best motor vehicle insurance helps in the event of loss or damage. If you include comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in your Pohjola Motor Vehicle Insurance policy the deductible can be as low as EUR 200, which means you do not have to spend your own money in the event of loss or damage.

Pohjola Claim Help – instructions on what to do always easily available

Pohjola Claim Help is at your service in the event of loss or damage. Claim Help provides clear instruction for everything from what to do at the place of loss to filing a loss report and motor vehicle insurance coverage. Pohjola Claim Help also lists the contact details of our repair shop partners.

Pohjola Claim Help is also available on OP-mobile and always with you wherever you go. 

Go to Pohjola Claim Help service

Pohjola Repair Advisor at your assistance in the event of loss

Pohjola Repair Advisors are at your service across Finland, and currently available in 18 localities. If a loss event occurs, you can easily find the contact details of the nearest Pohjola Repair Advisor using the Claim Help service.

The Repair Advisor will handle both the repair of your vehicle and claim applications for you, which means you won’t need to file a loss report yourself. 

Learn more about Pohjola Repair Advisor

The motor vehicle insurance bonus is formed by combining the motor liability insurance bonus with the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance collision cover no-claims bonus. Motor liability insurance bonus is based on your personal insurance and claims history, which takes into account how long you have had vehicles insured under your name, as well as whether any insurance claims have been made for the vehicles.

A passenger car's motor liability insurance bonus will increase more quickly than previously, and decrease more moderately if an accident occurs. The motor liability insurance starting bonus is at least 40%, with 80% the maximum. Bonus percentages you have achieved can also be used for any other car you have.

You will always receive a full initial bonus of 70% for the collision cover of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. A claim compensated under Collision Cover will decrease the collision cover bonus by 10 percentage points. Claims filed for losses due to storm or hail, for example, will not reduce your bonus. After insurance periods with no claims, the bonus will increase by 10% a year. For more information on how motor vehicle insurance bonus is earned, see the motor vehicle insurance product guide.

Insurance and claims history certificate

If you need you a certificate of your vehicles’ insurance and claims history, you can order it from the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. You can prove your claims history to a foreign insurance company.

Are you considering comparing motor vehicle insurance policies? Get to know how you can take care of the comparison as easily as possible.
As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.



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