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Car registration online

Car and motorcycle registration can be easily done online by means of an electronic certificate at the same time you take out motor liability insurance. By following these instructions you can insure and register your vehicle easily in one go.

Electronic registration of car

When a car or other vehicle changes owners between private persons, no paper registration certificate is required any longer. The registration of a car, motorcycle or other vehicle can be done with an electronic certificate at the same time as you buy insurance for the vehicle in our online shop. You will get the electronic certificate you need for the registration from the seller, who in turn will get it from Trafi’s My e-Services.

Vehicle registration online is cheaper than at an inspection station. This means that you do not have to visit an inspection station at all, saving you both time and money.

If you buy a brand new car or motorcycle at a dealership, they will always take care of the registration and motor liability insurance for you. Although you do not have to worry about the registration and motor liability insurance yourself, we nevertheless recommend that you insure your new wheels with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

The ABC of electronic registration

The seller of a car, motorcycle or other vehicle can always create an electronic certificate for its sale on Trafi’s website. An electronic certificate is valid for 14 days, and it can only be used once.

As the buyer, you can in turn check the vehicle’s details and the validity period of the electronic certificate in Trafi’s website. Once you have bought the car, the seller will give you the electronic certificate with which you can register it.

The prerequisite for electronic registration of a car or other vehicle is that motor liability insurance, which is mandatory for all vehicles used in traffic, has been acquired first. Motor liability insurance can be bought in our online shop. While you are doing that, you should also consider additional car insurance, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

When your car, motorcycle or other vehicle is properly insured, we will direct you to the electronic registration. The car or other vehicle registration uses many of the same details you gave when you bought motor liability insurance, making electronic registration quick and easy.

Car registration – checklist for seller and buyer

We made a checklist for both sellers and buyers of cars concerning electronic registration and the change of ownership. This list is also helpful for other buyers and sellers of other vehicles.

You as seller

•    Create an electronic certificate in Trafi’s online service for the car you are selling. To create an electronic certificate, log in to Trafi’s My e-Services.

•    Print out two copies of the pre-filled deed of transfer from the Trafi service. When the car is sold, both parties sign the deed of transfer, which doubles as a deed of sale.

•    Once the sales has been completed, make a transfer notification of the vehicle on Trafi’s website. Bear in mind that the transfer notification must state the date when the vehicle will be transferred to the new owner.

•    If the sales is not realised for some reason and you have already given the electronic certificate to the prospective buyer, you can cancel the certificate in Trafi’s My e-Services.

You as buyer

•    When you have bought a car, the seller will give you an electronic certificate for the vehicle. This will enable you to check the owner’s details and other information in a service provided free of charge by Trafi.

•    Sign both copies the deed of transfer you received from the seller. Give one copy for yourself, and give the other one to the seller. The deed of transfer also acts as a deed of sale.

•    Cover your car with suitable car insurance. All vehicles used in traffic in Finland must be covered by motor liability insurance, while additional coverage can be taken out by comprehensive motor vehicle insurance against vandalism, theft, windscreen damage etc. You can choose comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of various extent.

•    Once you have taken out the insurance that you want, register the vehicle. Once the insurance matters have been taken care of, our online shop will directly you automatically to the vehicle’s electronic registration.

•    Register your vehicle with an electronic certificate. The information you entered when you bought insurance will be used for the registration, making electronic registration quick and easy.