Vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance covers both the driver and the vehicle. Every motor vehicle used in traffic must be insured with statutory motor liability insurance that covers any personal injuries and vehicle damage of any innocent party. You should also take out comprehensive motor vehicle insurance which covers, among other things, dents when parking, engine problems, and chipped windscreens caused by a small stone. You can tailor the coverage to meet your vehicle’s needs. Learn more about our insurance policies, calculate the price and buy easily below.


The most popular Pohjola Motor vehicle insurance policies


Mies, auto ja autovakuutus
Car insurance for passenger cars
Mies huoltaa moottoripyörää
Motorcycle insurance


Other motor vehicle insurance policies


Kuorma-auton vakuutus korvaa ajoneuvosi vahinkoja.
Lorry insurance
Skootterin tai mopon vakuutus sisältää liikennevakuutuksen ja halutessasi myös kaskon.
Moped insurance
Traktorin vakuutus korvaa esimerkiksi palon ja varkauden.
Tractor insurance
Museoajoneuvo kannattaa vakuuttaa huolella.
Museum vehicle insurance
Myös rekisteröimättömät moottoripyörät tarvitsevat liikennevakuutuksen.
Insurance for other motor vehicles
Pakettiauton voi vakuuttaa liikennevakuutuksella ja kaskolla.
Insurance for a van
Mopoauton vakuutus tuo turvaa mopoautolle ja kuljettajalle
Moped car insurance
Asuntovaunun vakuutus tuo turvaa tien päälle.
Caravan insurance
Harrasteajoneuvon vakuutus sopii sekä harrasteautoille että -moottoripyörille.
Hobby vehicle insurance
Perävaunuvakuutus vakuuttaa perävaunun ja venetrailerin.
Trailer insurance
Matkasta on helppo nauttia, kun matkailuauton vakuutus on kunnossa.
Campervan insurance
Moottorikelkan vakuutus tuo turvaa sinulle ja kelkallesi.
Snowmobile insurance
Mönkijän vakuutus turvaa kuskin ja kulkupelin.
Quad bike insurance


How much does motor vehicle insurance cost?

The price of motor vehicle insurance depends, among other things, on the make and age of your vehicle, the coverage you have chosen and your bonus accumulated on the basis of your driving record. The easiest way to determine the price of the motor vehicle insurance is to select the motor vehicle insurance you want and give us the basic details of your vehicle and the coverage you want. This information will enable us to calculate a preliminary price for your policy. After this, you can still tailor the coverage and deductibles to modify the policy before buying it online. Use the buttons above to select your vehicle and calculate the price of your motor vehicle insurance.

To learn how the calculator works and which factors affect its rates, as well as our tips for other issues to consider when selecting insurance, visit the page below.

What is the motor vehicle insurance bonus?

Motor vehicle insurance bonus is a reward system that favours those who drive safely and file no claims. When you drive without claims under your motor vehicle insurance for a full insurance period, generally 12 months, your bonus level will be higher during the next insurance period. A higher bonus translates to a lower insurance premium during the next insurance period. Compulsory motor liability insurance and voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance have separate bonus systems, of which you can learn more about from the links below.

Terminology: Vehicle Cover contract for all vehicles

When you insure your vehicle with Pohjola Insurance’s motor vehicle insurance, you get a Vehicle Cover contract. This is called Vehicle Cover regardless of what kind of motor vehicle you are insuring or what coverage you choose. Please note that all vehicle insurance policies in which you are the policyholder will be added to the same Vehicle Cover contract.

Comparing and asking for offers for motor vehicle insurance policies

It is highly recommended that you compare and ask for offers for motor vehicle insurance at regular intervals, as this will ensure that you will find the best option for your vehicle.  However, bear in mind that there are also other factors at play besides the price. You should also look out for what is actually covered, and what type of services are available if losses occur.

The easiest way to compare Pohjola Insurance's motor vehicle insurance policies is by using the buttons above; we have just recently also made it easier to company policies for passenger cars and motorcycles. For more tips on how to shop around for motor vehicle insurance, see our article on the topic.

Motor vehicle insurance for businesses

All vehicles must be insured. We can insure not only your own vehicles but also your company vehicles. Learn more about, ask for an offer and cover your company's passenger cars, vans, lorries and any other vehicles easily using the link below.

A-Insurance can offer you sector-specific motor vehicle insurance policies to insure your business operations. Whether it concerns taxi entrepreneurs, transport companies, bus companies, ambulance business or forestry machines and machinery contractors, A-Insurance can offer a suitable solution. Learn more about A-Insurance policies below.

Registration and decommissioning

Our online service enables you to compare and tailor your vehicle insurance to meet your needs. Once you have bought the insurance, you can also register the vehicle, and you will be ready to use it in traffic. You can register vehicles in OP eServices and also Trafi’s services, from which the information will be forwarded to us.

If you only use your vehicle for part of the calendar year, you can decommission the vehicle in OP eServices or with Trafi for that period. Decommissioning can save you money, because as a rule you do not pay vehicle tax for that period. Once you have taken motor liability insurance for your vehicle, you will also not have to pay the premium for the decommissioning period. Please note, however, that Pohjola Insurance's insurance for example for a motorcycle is seasonally rated, so that decommissioning may not even be necessary.

Pohjola Claim Help will ride to the rescue in case of vehicle loss or damage

Pohjola Claim Help is a search engine for any eventuality. Pohjola Claim Help gives you instructions quickly when things go wrong in traffic. Enter in the search field what has happened and the service will find instructions for the situation and information on what motor vehicle insurance will cover. Pohjola Claim Help also contains the contact details of Pohjola Repair Advisors and Pohjola Insurance's other partner repair shops. When you contact the Repair Advisor when a loss occurs, you do not have to file a claim afterwards – the Repair Advisor will do it for you in the repair shop.


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