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Campervan insurance

Motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a campervan provides cover on the road

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The new rewarding motor liability insurance

We can offer a high initial bonus, quick bonus development and an excellent bonus cover.


Insurance cover according to your needs

You can choose either Maxi Motor Insurance or the cheaper Medium Motor Insurance. 


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

Motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for campervans

You can enjoy your travel and freedom better when your campervan is properly insured. In addition to statutory motor liability insurance for campervans, you should take out comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which compensates, for example, any damage to it by collisions or stone chips. 

You can buy campervan insurance on our website for campervans weighing up to 6,000 kg. If you want to insure a heavier campervan, please contact our customer service.

Campervan insurance covers the vehicle and any permanently installed equipment.
Matkailuauton vakuutus tuo turvaa tien päälle.

Campervan insurance covers the vehicle and any accessories

With your campervan, you have mod cons wherever you go. This is why it is good that campervan insurance covers losses to both the vehicle and the fixed accessories, such as standard refrigerator or cooker. Campervan insurance covers not only the vehicle but also permanently fitted awning tents.

Both Maxi Motor Insurance and the cheaper Medium Motor Insurance cover fire and theft losses. Maxi Motor Insurance additionally covers collision damage, and you can also take out further coverage for windscreen damage, for example.

Please note that damage to, for example, any food preparation equipment and separate electrical equipment used in the campervan are not covered by the campervan insurance but your home insurance. Home insurance covers damage up to 5,000 euros as a rule. If items are stolen from a campervan parked outside your home, place of study or holiday home or within a 50 km radius from them, the maximum compensation is 1,000 euros.

Campervan insurance also covers, for example, damage caused to the awning tent by a large branch during a storm.

Pertti Suomussalmi

The best campervan insurance also covers towing and glass losses

Campervan insurance guarantees that you get help quickly and easily in case of loss. Optional extra cover can make your campervan even more comprehensive.

You can take out additional cover for Medium Motor Insurance, entitling you to assistance without a deductible if, for example, you are stranded because of a technical fault of other vehicle damage. We will compensate the towing and any expenses incurred by continuing your journey, such as travel tickets and accommodation costs. 

You can take out additional cover for Maxi Motor Insurance also in case of glass damage, dents to your car caused by an unknown party on parking lot, or in case of non-use days. The additional covers insurance will compensate glass repair without deductible, and glass replacement and damage caused by an unknown party on a parking lot without bonus reduction. You will also be compensated for non-use days when your campervan is being repaired due to a loss covered by the insurance.

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Car insurance for passenger cars

New motor liability insurance bonus for campervans will now increase more quickly than previously, and decrease more moderately if an accident occurs. The motor liability insurance starting bonus is at least 40%, with 80% the maximum. Bonus percentages you have achieved can also be used for any other car you have.

We offer you the maximum 70% bonus for Maxi Motor Insurance from the start. The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance bonus reduces the premium for collision cover, and any claims made under it will reduce the bonus.

Benefits from Pohjola Insurance

You receive the following insurance benefits for prime customers when you have policies from at least three different product categories:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance, continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies
  • as our prime customer aged 18–27, a discount of 21% on nearly all insurance for home and family policies.
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.

If you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you are entitled to an extra discount of 3% on most insurance products. The extra 3% discount for owner-customers cannot be combined with the 21% discount for young insurance customers.

Regardless of your number of policies or type of customer relationship, we always offer the following benefits:

  • a 2.5% discount when paying your insurance bill in one instalment.
  • a permanent 5% discount on life insurance purchased online.
  • free life insurance for one year for parents of children under 12 month

Benefits for OP cooperative bank owner-customer

As an owner-customer, you get the following benefits regardless of your number of policies:

  • OP bonuses you accrue will be used to pay insurance premiums*
  • free 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance.
  • deductible benefit of 200 euros for MyHome Insurance.
  • free Product Protection Insurance for purchases made using OP credit cards

*As our owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses, which are used to pay insurance premiums and banking service charges. OP bonuses are earned from insurance policies, loans, savings and investments, funds in your accounts, and purchases paid with OP-Visa using the credit function.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Pohjola Insurance Ltd’s representatives.

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