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Green Card

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is ordered from your insurance company and certifies that your car or other vehicle has a valid motor liability insurance. When driving outside Finland, you must present the Green Card in the event of a road accident and to border authorities when entering the country, if necessary. 

Order a Green Card easily in the service, OP-mobile or from the number 0303 0303. As a Pohjola Insurance private or corporate customer, ordering a Green Card is free of charge, and you will receive the card by post within about one week.

When do I need a Green Card?

Vehicles registered in Finland can be driven freely in the Nordic countries without a Green Card. A Green Card is also not mandatory within the EU or EEA. However, we recommend that you order a Green Card to take with you whenever you are planning on travelling outside the Nordic countries.

The Green Card is mandatory in the following countries: Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iran, North Macedonia (FYROM), Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus. The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre recommends bringing along a Green Card also when travelling to the United Kingdom.

If you are visiting any of these countries without a valid Green Card, you must purchase so-called border insurance when entering the country.

When visiting countries other than Green Card partner countries, you must purchase valid motor liability insurance when entering the country.


Ordering a Green Card at


  • Go to My insurances (Insurance section for corporate customers)
    You are required to log in, after which the web service will be in Finnish
  • Select your vehicle’s motor liability insurance policy
    Select the motor liability insurance policy for the vehicle you want to order a Green Card for.
  • Order a Green Card for your vehicle
    Fill in your journey information in the required form.
  • Ready!
    You will receive your Green Card by mail within around one week.



Legislation and claims practices concerning motor liability insurance abroad may differ considerably from those in Finland. A voluntary international third-party motor liability insurance can cover situations in which a motor vehicle driver is liable for bodily injury or material damage caused to a third party under the country's motor liability insurance act or equivalent.