Mönkijän vakuutus turvaa kuskin ja kulkupelin.

Quad bike insurance

Insure the quad bike and its driver

Motor liability insurance for quad bike

A quad bike’s motor liability insurance is mandatory regardless of where you drive it, on roads, in terrain or even just in your own yard.


A year-round insurance for the quad bike

Seasonally rated insurance is valid throughout the year, with the premium automatically lower in the winter than in summer.


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

Motor liability insurance must be taken out for all quad bikes

When your quad bike is properly insured, you can concentrate on enjoying it. A quad bike’s motor liability insurance is mandatory regardless of where you drive it, on roads, in terrain or even just in your own yard. When provide insurance for quad bikes designed for use in terrain and public roads. A utility ATV can be insured as a tractor.

A quad bike’s motor liability insurance covers any of the driver’s or passengers’ personal injuries and their treatment and any losses caused to an innocent adverse party. Any losses to the quad bike, on the other hand, are covered by an optional comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

The commonest quad bike accident occurs when it tips over.
Jokainen mönkijä tarvitsee liikennevakuutuksen.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers losses to your quad bike

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance taken out for a quad bike covers a variety of damage to it. You can choose between Maxi and Medium Motor Insurance for your quad bike. Maxi Motor Insurance covers the most, such as losses caused by the quad bike being involved in a collision or swerving off the road, and also theft, fire and vandalism losses.

Medium Motor Insurance is a cheaper option, but does not cover any collision losses. Yet Medium Motor Insurance covers theft and fire losses.

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Health insurance for an adult

You can reduce the probability of accidents by being careful and following the safety regulations.

When not in use, a quad bike should always be locked or kept inside a locked space. If a stolen quad bike has not been in a locked space, the deductible is triple the normal amount. A quad bike is properly locked when the keys are out of the ignition and the steering lock or the immobiliser is activated. In the absence of such devices, the quad bike must be locked with a brake lever lock, chain lock or wire lock to prevent unauthorised use.

Please remember that not only the quad bike driver but also all the passengers must wear a helmet.

Owner-customer benefits

If you are our owner-customer and have policies from three product lines, you are entitled to an almost 10% discount on most policies and a discount of nearly 18% on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with no-claims bonus. If you are aged between 18 and 27, you can get a 21% discount on almost all home and family insurance policies.

Other benefits

  • A 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance
  • 200-euro benefit of the deductible under MyHome Insurance
  • one-year, free-of-charge life insurance for parents with a child under one year of age

OP bonuses

Owner-members not only get OP bonuses for home, family and vehicle insurance premiums, but also for

  • loans
  • savings and investments
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with OP-Visa credit.

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Pohjola Insurance Ltd’s representatives.