Insurance for a van

Motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your van. Available online only in Finnish or Swedish.

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Motor liability insurance for van with excellent bonus development

As a new driver, you will get a high 40% starting bonus on your van’s motor liability insurance and, by driving safely, you can earn the 80% maximum bonus in as fast as five years.


Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your van tailored to your needs

The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance protects your van against damage resulting from vandalism, collision or your car getting hit by a stone. 


Benefits for loyal customers and owner-customers

As a Pohjola Insurance loyal customer and OP cooperative banks' owner-customer, you will get a discount on your insurance policies and increase your OP bonus. For instance, as a loyal customer and owner-customer, you will get a nearly 10% discount on the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your van.

Van insurance discount for prime customers

When you are a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you receive a discount on our van insurance. Learn more about the discounts and benefits of our prime customers and request an offer of multiple insurances conveniently online.

Van insurance giving security in traffic

Anything can happen in traffic, even to experienced drivers. By insuring you van not only with motor liability insurance but also an optional comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, you are well covered against losses to a van in private use.

In the event of an accident, the motor liability insurance for your van covers all personal injuries as well as any property damage to the innocent party. You can protect your van better by extending the cover provided by your mandatory motor liability insurance with voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. 

If your van is dented, the windscreen, panelling or plastic parts are broken, or you need help to either start or tow your van, you are guaranteed the help you need quickly and easily.

About half of collisions take place in parking areas.

Which comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is suitable for your van?

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a van is an optional insurance policy. We have three levels of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to choose from.

Super Motor Insurance is the best choice for a new or relatively new van. Standard Motor Insurance is suitable for a 6–19-year-old van, covering, for example, collision, theft and vandalism. Medium Motor Insurance is a good choice for a van that is no more than 25 years old, and can also include towing in the coverage should you be left on the roadside because of fault or damage.

When transporting goods, make sure that the van’s carrying capacity, fixing of the load and tyre pressures are sufficient

Teuvo Kaipainen Product Specialist, Pohjola Insurance

The best van insurance also covers windscreen and glass losses and lost days of driving

The cheapest car insurance is not necessarily the best insurance for your needs. When you want to have the best possible coverage for your van, we recommend Super Motor Insurance. Super Motor Insurance for a van is a comprehensive car insurance you can tailor for your needs. You choose what losses you want to have covered.

Super Motor Insurance, which offers the best coverage, compensates, for example, glass change without loses bonuses in your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, and glass repair without having to pay the deductible. When your van is being repaired because of a loss covered by the insurance, you will also be compensated by any lost days of driving. The best insurance, Super Motor Insurance, also offers the best compensation if the vehicle must be redeemed.

Trailer insurance

Motor liability insurance bonus for vans increases quickly and decreases moderately if an accident occurs. The motor liability insurance starting bonus is at least 40%, with 80% the maximum. Bonus percentages you have achieved can also be used for any other car you have.

We offer you the maximum 70% bonus for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance from the start. The bonus is available to Super Motor Insurance and Standard Motor Insurance, that is, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance that comes with collision cover. The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance bonus reduces the premium for collision cover, and any claims made under it will reduce the bonus.


Insurance and claims history certificate

If you need you a certificate of your vehicles’ insurance and claims history, you can order it from the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. You can prove your claims history to a foreign insurance company.

As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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