Autorahoitus – rahoitustarjous netistä auton ostoon

Car finance

Car finance in one go – pay with instalments

Get a car finance offer quickly

Apply for car finance in our service for car buyers (Auton ostajan apuri) and you will get a loan offer right away.


Car is sufficient as collateral

The new car will serve as the main collateral, so you do not need other collateral.


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you get OP bonuses from car finance.

Get car finance in advance online

Are you thinking of buying a car? Apply for financing and pay for the car with instalments that are tailored for you.

Car finance, that is, OP’s hire-purchase financing is a good alternative for financing a car. The new car will serve as the main collateral, so you do not need other collateral.

You will get a loan offer for the car of your dreams immediately to your mobile phone or email, and you can go car shopping with the financing decision.

It is easy to apply for car finance online, already before going to a car dealer. In our service for car buyers Auton ostajan apuri (in Finnish) you can:

  • apply for car finance with the license plate number of a car you found at a dealer
  • look for a car that you like from the extensive range of cars for sale and then apply for car finance.

Apply for car finance easily at a car dealer

You can also apply for car finance at almost all car dealers in Finland. Tell your car dealer that you are our customer and want to get OP's hire-purchase deal and appropriate insurance. The salesperson fills in the agreement and credit application for you. Quick and easy!

What is the difference between car finance and car loan?

Car finance refers to OP’s hire-purchase financing. Car loan is either a consumer loan without collateral or a secured bank loan, depending on the amount you need. 

  Car finance Car loan
Do I need collateral?

The car you are buying is the main collateral, so you do not need any other collateral.

You can get a loan of up to 15,000 euros without collateral.

When will the ownership be transferred to me?

When the last hire-purchase instalment has been paid.

Right after you have bought the car.

Where to apply?

In advance online or from a car dealership

In the service

Who can apply?

All banks’ customers

OP’s customers: in the service, others: by calling or visiting a bank branch

Will I get OP bonuses?




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Rahoitusta ja turvaa yksityishenkilöiden autokauppaan

Nyt voit saada OP Autorahoituksen myös yksityishenkilöltä ostettavaan autoon. Rahoituksen saamisen edellytyksenä on auton kuntotarkastus. Saat auton ostajana tärkeää lisäturvaa, kun puolueeton asiantuntija käy auton läpi ja antaa sinulle selkeän raportin sen kunnosta. Rahoitussopimuksen teet sujuvasti A-katsastuksessa auton tarkastuksen yhteydessä.

Mitä eroa on autorahoituksella ja autolainalla?

Autorahoitus tarkoittaa OPn osamaksurahoitusta. Autolaina puolestaan on tarvitsemastasi summasta riippuen joko vakuudeton kulutusluotto tai vakuudellinen pankkilaina.




Tarvitaanko vakuuksia?

Auto on pääasiallinen vakuus, joten et tarvitse muita vakuuksia.

Voit saada lainaa ilman vakuuksia jopa 15 000 €. Yli 15 000 € lainaan tarvitaan vakuudet.

Milloin omistus siirtyy sinulle?

Kun viimeinen osamaksuerä on maksettu.

Heti autokaupat tehtyäsi.

Mistä hakea?

Ennakkoon verkosta tai autoliikkeestä

Kuka voi hakea?

Kaikkien pankkien asiakkaat

OPn asiakas, muut soittamalla tai konttorista

Kertyykö OP-bonuksia?



Lue lisää autolainasta

Down payment, payment term and costs of car finance

When you buy on hire purchase, you usually need to offer down payment: either a trade-in car or cash. The down payment for a new car is normally about 10–20%. However, car finance can also be granted without a down payment. For used cars, the down payment tends to be about 20–30% of the car’s purchase price.

The repayment period of OP’s hire purchase is 1 to 6 years, depending on your choice. The repayment period is determined by the age of the car, among other things. In hire purchase, the last instalment amount may be higher than the previous ones, if you have chosen to pay smaller monthly instalments.

You can find out about the costs and interest rates of OP’s hire-purchase financing in our service for car buyers (Autonostajanapuri) or from a car dealer. The interest rate under the agreement is fixed throughout the agreement period, so you know the amount of your instalments in advance, and the interest rate remains the same throughout the loan period.

Mies, auto ja autovakuutus
Car insurance for passenger cars

OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses for example from

  • loans
  • savings and investments
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with OP-Visa credit
  • insurance premiums for home, family and motor vehicle policies.

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

Owner-customer benefits

  • As owner-customer, you enjoy a higher current account interest rate: 0.10% (normally 0.00%).
  • As our owner-customer, you can choose a long-term fixed interest rate for your new home loan throughout the loan's term, up to 25 years. This is how you can ensure that your interest charges for your home loan will remain unchanged throughout the loan term.
  • As owner-customer you can get a student loan with no service charge in case your loan application is filed at

Effective as of March/2017

Service Fee Person Company
Balance confirmations, interest certificates and lease liability reports €37.00 each x x
Separately agreed brief reports/other changes €25.00 x x
Separately agreed reports/other changes €100.00 per hour
minimum €50.00
x x
Copies of invoices and receipts €15.00 each x x
Copies of agreements and reprint the payment scheme or credit transfers €42.00 each
Private individuals €0
x x
Direct registration (amount charged by Trafi) Based on Trafi’s list of charges valid from time to time x x
Processing registration certificates: amount charged plus, e.g.,
- changes related to the registered keeper
- a new registration certificate
€42.00 each x x
Change to OP Corporate Bank’s group insurance €80.00 x x
Authorisation to take a motor vehicle abroad (max. 12 months) €42.00 x x
Authorisation to take a motor vehicle abroad (max. 12 months)
processed on the same business day
€58.00 x x
Driving instruction power of attorney €37.00 x  
Assignment of agreement      
- private individuals
  (incl. direct registration charge)
€190.00 per agreement x  
- companies
  (incl. direct registration charge)
0.30% of the receivable,
min. €400.00 per agreement
Services related to a corporate merger or demerger €400.00   x
Change in repayment plan      
- private individuals €5.00/agreement, max €20.00 per year x  
- companies 0.30% of the receivable,
min. €275.00 per agreement
Due date postponement      
- private individuals, repayment extension at least 14 days €5.00/agreement, max €20.00 per year x  
- companies €37.00   x
Preparing and printing the final invoice €37.00 x x
- private individuals €5.00 x  
- companies €21.00   x
Unaccepted bill of exchange €89.00   x
Impending remittance      
- private individuals €15.00 x  
- companies €115.00   x
Notice of termination private individuals €30.00
companies €120.00
x x
Order to retrieve the vehicle Based on actual costs, min. €220.00 x x

Hire-purchase financing is granted by OP Corporate Bank plc.