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Home improvement, boat, car or other purchase? Manage your personal finances wisely and apply for a loan from OP easily, quickly and securely.

  • Flexibility to your life

  • Fair and competitive interest rate

  • Manage your loan safely and easily throughout the loan term

What is the purpose of your loan?

Home loan
Permanent home, holiday home, housing company loan, construction or renovation
Motor vehicle
Car, motorbike, boat or commercial vehicle
Home improvement loan
Surface renovation or interior renovation

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Taking out a loan from your own bank is smart 

  • We don’t have hidden interests or other costs. You will always know the total cost of your loan, not just the monthly repayment.  
  • You can reach us by phone and through various other channels. 
  • Your finances are in control. You can see your income and expenses on OP eServices, which also makes saving easier.  
  • OP is a bank owned by its customers. Our mission is to provide the best services to our owner-customers. 

Best services to owner-customers  

OP is a bank owned by its customers. Our mission is to provide the best services to our owner-customers. For all sorts of situations.  

Using OP as your main bank makes managing your finances and saving easier. For example, Money Box is an easy way to accumulate savings in small amounts. 


What kind of loan do you need? 

OP grants loans for all sorts of situations and needs. OP provides various types of loans. They differ from each other in terms of collateral, interest rate and maximum loan amount. You can choose a loan with or without collateral.  

Get unsecured loan of up to 15,000 euros

You can get a loan of up to 15,000 euros without collateral. Fill in the application online. As a rule, you will get a loan decision right away. The loan interest rate is usually 6 – 8%. Only OP customers can apply for an unsecured loan.

You cannot apply for an unsecured loan with another person. 

Get a secured loan with no upper limit   

The interest rate for a secured loan is affordable, typically 3 – 5%. You will need collateral or a guarantor for the loan. As collateral, you can use, for example, a home that you own, forest or other assets. If you have made payments on your home loan and your home serves as collateral for it, some of its value may be free for use as collateral for your new loan.

You can get a secured loan starting from 8,000 euros, with no upper limit.  

You can apply for a secured loan even if you are not an OP customer. You can also apply for a secured loan with another person. In such a case, neither of the applicants needs to be an OP customer. 

OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers earn OP bonuses through secured bank loans.



How much can I borrow?

The maximum amount of loan you can get depends on many things. We always want to make sure that a loan’s size is suitable for your situation and that you won’t have problems in paying it back.

When we consider granting a loan and its size, we look at things such as:  

  • your desired loan amount in relation to your total income and expenses
  • any collateral you have
  • your life situation
  •  whether you have managed your personal finances well.

You can apply for a loan of 2,000–15,000 euros without collateral. Loans with collateral start from 8,000 euros. 
If you’d need a smaller amount of money, using your credit card might be the smartest thing to do. You can apply for a credit card, or an increase of your card’s credit limit, on OP-mobile free of charge. You’ll get a decision on the credit card or new credit limit immediately.


Loan for any bank’s customers

Car hire purchase, home improvement loan or a loan for a large purchase directly from a store

You can apply for OP financing for a car, home improvement or a large purchase even if you are not an OP banking customer. Once you have made the purchase, you make monthly repayments directly to OP – easy and secure.

Buy a car from a car dealership or private person using hire purchase

Car hire purchase is a safe way to buy a car without a down payment. You can apply for OP’s car hire purchase financing if you buy a car from a car dealership or private person. Both options include a fixed monthly repayment, and you don’t need separate collateral. The car is the collateral for the hire purchase.

Read more and apply for car hire purchase

Apply for financing for home improvement or a large purchase directly from OP’s partner company

If you know where you will buy, say, home improvement supplies, solar panels or a roof renovation, you can apply for financing directly from our partner company. You can apply for a financing of 2,000–50,000 euros. The amount of financing to be granted varies between OP’s partner companies. Apply for financing online and make the purchases directly at the store.

Read more and apply for financing

The financing is granted by OP Card Company plc, OP Corporate Bank plc or OP cooperative bank, depending on the financing product.