OP bonuses make your daily life more affordable

When you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses. The bonuses are credited each month and used to pay for your banking and insurance services. OP bonuses lighten the load on your daily finances, especially when you make wide use of our services.

As an owner-customer, you will receive OP bonuses 40% more than normal in 2024.

What are the sources of my OP bonuses?

OP cooperative bank's owner-customers earn OP bonuses from many ordinary everyday services such as home loans, monthly investment in a fund or insurance taken out for a child. The more services you use, the more OP bonuses you earn.

You earn bonuses from

  1. secured bank loans such as home or student loans
  2. funds in savings accounts
  3. mutual funds
  4. unit-linked insurance
  5. paid insurance premiums such as home and motor vehicle insurance and continuous travel insurance

How much do I earn in OP bonuses?

As an owner-customer, you receive OP bonuses depending on the amount of services you use each month. You can easily calculate the amount of bonuses you have earned by using our bonus calculator.

You will receive OP bonuses 40% more than normal in 2024. We pay extra OP bonuses because we want to share our good earnings with our owner-customers.

For what are OP bonuses used?

The OP bonuses you have earned will be used to pay for your banking and insurance services.

The OP bonuses earned in the previous month will always be shown in your OP bonus account by the middle of the next month. The bonuses are used to pay for service charges and insurance bills in the order that they arise. OP bonuses are tax-exempt and therefore used automatically.*

Bonuses are used to pay for

  1. daily banking services (current account, OP digital services, OP payment card)
  2. service and origination fees for secured bank loans
  3. insurance policies such as premiums for home, family and vehicle insurance
  4. custodial and portfolio management fees for savings and investments
  5. fees for legal services
  6. OP Koti real estate commissions

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you will get daily banking services without monthly charges until the end of 2024. During the validity of benefit, the bonuses you earn will not be used to pay for monthly charges.

Where can I see how much OP bonuses I have earned, and how they have been used?

As an owner-customer, you can check your earned bonuses in OP-mobile and the op.fi service as soon as you log in.

The balance of your bonus account is shown below your account details. Click on the balance to see your bonus account's transactions.

OP-mobile allows you to closely examine which services have annually contributed towards your OP bonuses, and how these bonuses have been used. You can find this information using the following path:

1. Log into OP-mobile

2. In the bottom right corner, select More

3. Select Owner-customer, and then OP bonuses

You will start earning OP bonuses from the moment you become an owner-customer. You can easily check whether you are an owner-customer.

*OP bonuses are tax-exempt to owner-customers. However, tax exemption requires that the bonuses be used for banking and insurance services specified and selected by OP Financial Group and the Group’s other service fees. Owner-customers therefore cannot redeem OP bonuses for cash or decide themselves how to use them.