Pay by phone wherever you are

Paying by phone is fast, easy and secure. With Pivo mobile payment app, you can transfer money to your friend using just a phone number, and pay you purchases easily online or at a store. Simplify your life and enable mobile contactless payment today!

Enable Pivo contactless payment and pay with your Android phone at checkouts

You can enable Pivo contactless payment if you have an Android phone and any OP-Visa card. Pivo’s contactless payment works in all stores that have a contactless payment terminal, and you can even make contactless payments for purchases exceeding 50 euros.

How to enable Pivo contactless payment

Download Pivo to your smartphone from the Google Play Store. Then activate Pivo with your phone number and your user identifiers for OP eServices. Finally, enable Pivo’s contactless payment on Pivo’s main view. Activating the app will only take a while and Pivo will walk you through it.

Pivo’s contactless payment makes it easy to pay your purchases at a store: open Pivo and take your phone near the payment terminal. Another method is to activate payment from your phone's home screen – then you'll only need to unlock your phone's screen lock before you pay.

Mobile payment is possible with Android phones operating on Android 6.0 or a later version and supporting NFC.

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Mobile payment is secure

When you pay by phone at a store, you don’t need to enter your card’s PIN on the payment terminal.

To be able to pay with Pivo’s contactless payment, you have to unlock your phone’s screen lock and, depending on your settings, open Pivo. You login to Pivo with a six-digit access code or with, say, your fingerprint.

Although you can use Pivo’s contactless payment feature to pay for purchases exceeding the usual limit for contactless payment, you can’t use it without limits. Your existing card will be linked to Pivo’s contactless payment, and the spending limits set on that card and on the related account also apply to your mobile payments.

Pivo is a payment app on your phone

Pivo is a versatile mobile payment app with which you can pay conveniently in any situation. Use Pivo to easily pay a friend, online or at a store checkout. Pivo also gives you access to useful services, benefits and offers.

Pivo is a free app and you can download it on your device from your app store. Pivo is available for iPhones and Android phones.

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