Pay with phone wherever you are

Mobile payment with phone is fast, easy and secure. With OP's easy-to-use Pivo mobile app, you can transfer money to a friend without knowing their account number, pay your purchases at webshops and you can also pay at store checkouts without carrying any cards or cash with you. Simplify your life and enable mobile contactless payment today!

Enable Pivo contactless payment and pay with your Android phone at checkouts

In reforming OP cards, we're including a mobile payment feature that will enable you to pay your purchases in a physical store with a phone operating on Android.

The new cards will be available in stages:

  • If you use the OP-Visa Electron, OP-Visa Debit, New OP-Visa Credit/Debit, you can enable mobile contactless payment on Pivo right away
  • If you have the OP-Visa Credit/Debit combination card, you will be able to start using mobile contactless payment after you receive a new card. We'll begin posting the new OP-Visa Credit/Debit cards during 2019.
  • For OP-Visa Business Card and OP-Visa Electron, this feature will be included later this year.

How to enable Pivo contactless payment

Download Pivo to your smartphone from the Google Play store. Authenticate yourself on Pivo with your phone number and OP's credentials. Enable Pivo contactless payment on Pivo's first page. Then you're all set to use your phone as a payment instrument!

Contactless payment with a mobile device is like making a contactless payment with a card. Open Pivo and its contactless payment view. Then take your phone near the payment terminal that is capable of accepting contactless payments. Another method is to activate payment from Pivo's home view – then you'll only need to unlock your phone's screen lock before you pay. Note that the set contactless payment limits don't apply to contactless payments made with a mobile device.

Mobile payment is possible with Android phones operating on Android 6.0 or a later version and supporting NFC.

Mobile payment is secure

If you pay contactless with your phone, you don't need to enter your card's PIN on the payment terminal.

Your existing card has been linked as your mobile payment instrument and the related account's usage limits also apply to your mobile payments.

For security reasons, make sure that the software you use is updated. Keep your phone as safe as your card!

Pivo is a payment app on your phone

Pivo is a versatile payment app enabling you to make payments and track your finances. Use Pivo to easily pay a friend, online or at a store checkout. The app also helps you keep up to date on your finances. Pivo gives you access to useful services, benefits and offers.

On Pivo, you can pay your friend if you have their phone number, but you don’t need to know their account number. With Pivo, you can also make real-time Siirto payments to any banks' customers.

Pivo enables you to pay in many webshops, too. Click your purchases to the shopping cart and select Pivo as the payment method. Then open Pivo and confirm your payment – you don't need to enter any key codes or credit card details!

OP customers with an Android phone can pay purchases quickly and securely with Pivo in all stores with a contactless-enabled payment terminal.

Pivo is a free app and you can download it on your device from your app store. Pivo is available for iOS and Android devices.