Debit cards and credit cards

Select a payment card for your individual situation, whether you need a reliable payment instrument for everyday life, travelling or online payments. OP’s credit card provides you with flexible and secure personal finances with a payment period of up to 35 days. If you wish to see our whole range of cards, compare cards via the menu below. Don't have an account with us? Become an OP customer now!


OP Visa

OP-Visa increases the payment period of your purchases without extra charge

  • Interest-free payment period of up to 35 days
  • Secure payments also online and abroad
  • Transfer of credit to current account
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OP Visa Gold

OP-Visa Gold is more than a payment card

  • Travel insurance and rental car excess reduction
  • Identity theft protection
  • Concierge service
  • Credit limit of up to €10,000
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