Debit cards and credit cards

Select a payment card for your individual situation, whether you need a reliable payment instrument for everyday life, travelling or online payments. OP’s credit card provides you with flexible and secure personal finances with a payment period of up to 35 days. If you wish to see our whole range of cards, compare cards via the menu below. Don't have an account with us? Become an OP customer now!



OP-Visa credit / debit

OP’s most popular payment card


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OP-Visa Gold

OP-Visa Gold

More than just a payment card

incl. card €2.95/month and supplementary services

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OP-Visa Platinum

OP-Visa Platinum

Put your worries aside

incl. card €2.95/month and supplementary services

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Do you need a new credit card or payment card? Please choose the card that suits you best and fill in the application. You will receive a new card within 1 to 2 weeks of the date of the application.

Credit cards – flexibility and secure payment

OP-Visa is a reliable basic card. It enables you to make purchases in everyday life, while travelling, and online. Credit facility from 2,000 euros up to 20,000 euros. Credit facility according to your need and repayment capacity. Read more and apply

OP-Visa Gold is more than a credit card. It includes, for example a concierge service. Credit facility from 2,000 euros up to 20,000 euros. Credit facility according to your need and repayment capacity.  Read more and apply

OP-Visa Platinum is the elite of cards. Its additional services give you comprehensive cover and save time. Credit facility from 2,000 euros up to 20,000 euros. Credit facility according to your need and repayment capacity. Read more and apply

OP-Mastercard is a smart backup card. It is an excellent card for everyday life and travel. Credit facility between 2,000 and 20,000 euros, according to your need and repayment capacity. Read more and apply

Credit card for students. If you are a student at higher education institution or university, you can get an OP-Visa Credit/Debit card with a EUR 2,000 credit limit without ECTS credit requirements. Read more and apply

Payment cards without credit facility  

OP-Visa Debit is a debit card with which you can also pay abroad and online. Read more and apply

OP-Visa Electron is suits young people and for children over the age of 10 as a payment card. You can pay for your purchases in Finland, abroad and online. It is not possible to apply for the card online. Read more about applying for a card for the child 

If you are using an OP credit card and you want to change it into another credit card, fill in an application online.
If your card application is rejected, please contact our customer service at 0100 0500 / Select Cards (Mon–Fri 8–19).
When applying for a new card, your old card’s credit limit may affect the credit limit granted to you. After you have started using your new card and closed the old one, you can increase your new card’s credit limit.
You’ll receive your new card within 1–2 weeks.
To close your old credit card, send us a message after you have received your new card and found it to be functional. 
Log in to to send the message. Please let us know in the message:
  • which card you want to close
  • the last four digits of the card to be closed and
  • information that you will destroy your old card yourself.
When you destroy your old card yourself, cut it up properly into several pieces so that the chip and the magnetic stripe are destroyed.


You can apply for an OP credit card when: 
  • you are at least 18 years old 
  • you use OP as your main bank  
  • you receive a regular pay or pension 
  • your financial standing is sufficient and you have managed your personal finances well 
  • you live permanently in Finland. 
It is advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for your payment card in the case of the loss of the card or fraud. You can change the daily spending and withdrawal limits of your payment card yourself quickly and easily on OP-mobile or
You can set daily spending and withdrawal limits for:
  • cash withdrawals. This means how much cash you can withdraw with the card at an ATM in Finland and abroad or at a store check-out.
  • pre-authorised purchases. This means how much money you can use to make purchases with the card for example in stores and restaurants. 
  • online purchases and other distance purchases. This means how much money you can use to make purchases with the card online or for example over the phone.  
You can set all of the spending and withdrawal limits separately for credit and debit use.
New limits take effect immediately. You can make changes to the spending and withdrawal limits as often as you like.
If you, for instance, set the online purchase spending limit to zero (€0), your card cannot be used to buy anything online.
Change your cards spending and withdrawal limits at OP-mobile or (in Finnish)
You can make changes to the limits at an OP cooperative bank branch too or by calling our Customer Service.

On OP’s payment cards, the credit card number is on the front of the card.

The debit card number and the CVC number are on the back of the card.

All OP credit cards offer an average of 35 days of interest-free repayment time. When you get your credit card bill, you can decide whether to pay off the entire balance, make a minimum payment, or pay something in between.  The credit only starts to bear interest if you do not pay the whole invoice by the due date of the first credit invoice.  

With a credit card, you can make large purchases and handle surprise expenses in instalments that suit your finances. 

You can raise your card’s credit limit free of charge on OP-Mobile or at Depending on your need and finances, you can apply for a credit limit from between 2,000 to 20,000 euros for your Visa credit card.  The credit limit for OP Mastercard is between 2,000 to 6,000 euros. 

Apply for a credit limit raise at 

You will receive an itemised bill once a month for purchases you have made with your credit card. After you have received it, you can decide whether you pay off the bill in full or pay in instalments.

If you pay off the bill in full, you will get an interest-free period of an average of 35 days for your purchases.

In case your credit card bill comes to you as an e-invoice, you can decide by the due date whether you make the agreed minimum payment, pay off the credit card balance or in-between.  

You can change the repayment plan for your credit card bill by logging into or OP-mobile.


You can easily order a new PIN code for your payment or credit card by logging into Login, select the card for which you need a new code or make an order for the PIN code. Login to and order a new PIN code.

When you make a purchase or withdraw cash in a non-euro currency during a journey abroad or with, the sum total of the transaction is determined by the wholesale exchange rate used in currency conversion.

The exchange rate used is either the Visa International or Mastercard Europe scheme’s wholesale exchange rate, to which a currency conversion fee, based on OP’s list of service charges and fees, is always added. The fee accounts for 1.95% of the amount of purchase or withdrawal.

When you pay for a purchase with your card abroad, it always pays to choose a local currency instead of the euro. Then the exchange rate is determined by your own bank and the exchange rate cause any unpleasant surprise. If you choose to convert the currency into euros at the time of payment, the merchant will charge a fee based on its list of service charges and fees. 

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When you withdraw cash or pay for purchases with your card, you can choose whether you use money in your account, that is Debit, or credit facility, that is Credit.

Would you like to know more about the use of cards, such as credit card payments abroad or spending/withdrawal limits? Read more about the FAQ section

The cards are granted by OP Card Company Plc.