Bonus calculator

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you will automatically earn OP bonuses from your monthly purchases and services. They will be used to cover, for example, banking service charges and insurance bills. Do you know how much you could get in OP bonuses? Try out our bonus calculator to estimate the amount of OP bonuses you and your family could earn!

As an owner-customer, you’ll earn even more bonuses in 2023, when we reward our owner-customers with additional bonuses; you’ll get 30% more bonuses for the whole year.

Try out the calculator to see how much more OP bonuses you could earn!

Become an owner-customer!

You can become an owner-customer by paying a member cooperative contribution which is 100 euros in most banks. There are no other membership fees. If you ever decide to stop being an owner-customer, your member contribution will be refunded to you.

  1. If you are an OP cooperative bank's customer and have OP's user ID, you can become an owner-customer by logging into the service.
    Become an owner-customer
  2. If you are not yet an OP cooperative bank’s customer and you have another bank’s user identifiers, you can become a customer without visiting a branch.
    Become our customer easily online