Kaksi nuorta kulkee metsässä iloisena.

Even young people benefit from being owner-customers

Starting your studies? Moving to a place of your own? Whether you are starting your studies or moving to a place of your own for the first time, you should get your personal finances into shape! Become an owner-customer already at a young age, and you will get a good start to managing your personal finances, and more time to make use of the benefits provided to you. You can become an OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer by paying a member cooperative contribution which is 100 euros in most banks. 
There are no other membership fees. If you ever decide to stop being an owner-customer, your member contribution will be refunded to you.


What benefits can young people get?


All owner-customers under the age of 26 get the following benefits from our services: 

  1. A current account for free.
  2. Free-of-charge OP eServices user IDs for OP eServices and OP-mobile.
  3. OP-Visa, OP-Visa Debit or OP-Visa Electron card for free.
  4. A free Product Protection Insurance for your OP-Visa that protects your card purchases from blunders for six months.
  5. A student loan with no origination fee if you file your application online.
  6. Students of Finnish universities can also get the OP-Visa card with a 2 000-euro credit facility, for free!
  7. Pivo's digital student card and student benefits that are currently available to members of over 20 student unions.
  8. Opening of rental security deposit account for free. 
  9. You can buy, sell and switch the majority of our funds with no separate charges, by yourself or as a parent on your child’s behalf.
  10. A 21% discount on most home and family insurance policies.

As our owner-customer you will earn OP bonuses

  1. Owner-customers earn OP bonuses through their transactions in OP Financial Group entitling to OP bonuses. Private customers earn OP bonuses through their personal banking, wealth management and insurance transactions  for example for your student loan and fund savings
  2. OP bonuses earned on your bonus account are used to pay charges and fees that would otherwise be charged from your account. They are used automatically without any action needed from you. Bonuses are used to pay, for example your insurance premiums or loan servicing costs.
  3. Read more about owner-customer membership >

As an owner-customer you can also make use of benefits provided by our partners.

  1. When you turn 18, you will find and redeem all current benefits conveniently on OP-mobile.