Nuoret retkellä.

Even young people benefit from being owner-customers

Starting your studies? Moving to a place of your own? Whether you are starting your studies or moving to a place of your own for the first time, you should get your personal finances into shape! Become an owner-customer already at a young age, and you will get a good start to managing your personal finances, and more time to make use of the benefits provided to you.


What benefits can young people get?


All owner-customers under the age of 26 get the following benefits from our services: 

  1. A current account for free.
  2. Free-of-charge OP eServices user IDs for OP eServices and OP-mobile.
  3. OP-Visa, OP-Visa Debit or OP-Visa Electron card for free.
  4. A free Product Protection Insurance for your OP-Visa that protects your card purchases from blunders for six months.
  5. A student loan with no origination fee if you file your application online.
  6. Students of Finnish universities can also get the OP-Visa card with a 2 000-euro credit facility, for free!
  7. Pivo's digital student card and student benefits that are currently available to members of over 20 student unions.
  8. Opening of rental security deposit account for free. 
  9. You can buy, sell and switch the majority of our funds with no separate charges, by yourself or as a parent on your child’s behalf.
  10. A 21% discount on most home and family insurance policies.

As our owner-customer you will earn OP bonuses

  1. Automatically according to your monthly transactions, for example for your student loan, purchases made with your OP-Visa card and fund savings
  2. You can use your OP bonuses to pay for, say, your insurance premiums or loan servicing costs.

As an owner-customer you can also make use of benefits provided by our partners.

  1. When you use Pivo, you can eat, drink and shop at a discount price. For example, you will get access to CityShoppari 2020 benefits for free, for the whole year (normally 9.90 €). 
  2. You can find and redeem other varying benefits conveniently on OP-mobile. 
  3. You will also have access to owner-customers’ own webshop, OP Joukko-osto, where new campaigns are published several times a year.

As an OP cooperative bank customer, you can become an owner-customer with your online service user identifiers.

Become an owner-customer

If you are not an OP cooperative bank customer, book an appointment and become an owner-customer at a bank branch.

Book an appointment

In most OP cooperative banks, the owner-customer’s member cooperative contribution amounts to about 100 euros.

How to become an owner-customer


1. If you are not OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, book an appointment and become an owner-customer at a bank branch.

2. When an owner-customer membership is opened for a young person under 18, the young one’s parent needs to be present at the bank branch.

3. At the same time, your young one under 18 should also be included as a member of your family unit, so that your family will earn OP bonuses through your young one’s transactions, too. Including a young one in the family unit requires consent from both parents.

4. If you have OP eServices user IDs and you are aged 18 or over, you can become an owner-customer with your OP eServices user IDs.

As an owner-customer you own part of a Finnish cooperative bank with roots in cooperative business. While you make use of the benefits that your bank provides, as an owner-customer you can also impact the future of your home region. Local OP cooperative banks support in various ways the physical activities of children and adolescents, their financial literacy and local associations, to name a few. Being a young owner-customer enables you to do good things to yourself and to others.