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When you turn 18

When you become of age at 18, it is time you begin to attend to your banking and insurance matters yourself. You will be personally responsible for managing your affairs, and your parents will no longer have access to your bank accounts.

At the age of 18, you will gain access to all bank accounts under your name and any mutual funds that you may have in your own name. When your birthday is approaching, we will invite you to the bank to discuss your current banking and insurance matters. We will renew your OP eServices user identifiers, update your account details and discuss payment cards and any other products and services that you may have.

What are your hopes for the future? Start working towards them now!


When you turn 18, it is a good time to update your plans for the future. If you pay attention to your personal finances from a young age, making your dreams come true will be easier. Together, we can consider which products and services will support your goals. For example, you can apply for a student loan or open an ASP Account and begin saving for your first home. By investing in a mutual fund, you can accumulate savings for possible travels or unexpected expenses.

You will benefit from being an owner-customer already at a young age


An owner-customer membership will support you in achieving your goals by providing handsome discounts on banking and insurance services and diverse benefits for your daily life. You can become an owner-customer already at a young age and begin enjoying all the benefits right away.

What benefits can you get?

  1. If you are under 26 years of age, you get our daily banking services free of charge.
  2. You can draw down student loan without service fees.
  3. Your OP-Visa card will include a free Product Protection Insurance. It covers your card purchases for six months from the time of purchase around the world, also in webshops.
  4. You will get benefits and discounts on insurance.
  5. You will earn OP bonuses from your student loan and from purchases that you pay on credit with your OP-Visa card, among other things.
  6. You can buy, sell and switch most fund units free of charge.
  7. You will get a huge amount of benefits offered by OP partners, such as access to CityShoppari 2021 benefits free of charge for the whole year (normally €9.90). 
  8. You will also have access to owner-customers’ own webshop, OP Joukko-osto, where new campaigns are published several times a year.

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Owner-customer membership is granted by an OP cooperative bank.