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OP Light Entrepreneurship service

The OP Light Entrepreneurship service is a useful solution when you have decided to go self-employed on a part-time or full-time basis. Entrepreneurs who sell their own expertise gain the most from the service and the tax benefits it involves.

What does the OP Light Entrepreneurship service include?

  1. Starting a business free of charge (you will get your own business ID)
  2. Invoicing service
  3. Automatic accounting
  4. Digital accounting firm for sole proprietorship (incl. tax returns and tax charges and payments)
  5. No fixed charges

You may order self-employed person's pension insurance (YEL insurance) as well as voluntary insurances through the service. The service also provides answers to entrepreneurial questions and assistance on a chat service.

The service is provided by Pivo Wallet Ltd.

Using the service is subject to a service charge. No fixed charges; you only pay for use.


Are you concerned about what implications entrepreneurship has for your unemployment benefits? For more information, see the OP Light Entrepreneurship service and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment websites.