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Insurance for private traders

Insurance for private traders protects your business against losses. Let us help you find the insurance solution suitable for your business.

All your insurance needs in one place

Whether you have business experience or are just starting out, we offer insurance solutions that match your needs. With insurance, you protect yourself and your loved ones as well as your company’s property, vehicles and employees.

Personal customer service

Together with our expert, you ensure that all risks related to your business are sufficiently covered. If necessary, you can get in touch with us easily.

Pohjola Claim Help 24/7 and an extensive partner network

What to do in the event of loss or damage? As our customer, you have access to Pohjola Claim Help, which contains instructions on what to do in the event of loss or damage. Claim Help also contains the contact details of our partners, who will help you in the event of loss or damage.

What insurance do you need as a private trader?

Like nearly all businesses, private traders need both mandatory and voluntary insurance policies. Your company’s risks and insurance needs depend on your line of business and the kind of equipment and machinery you use in your work. If your business has employees other than yourself, you will need broader insurance cover.

It is a good idea to keep your private traders’ insurance up to date, as it provides unique coverage in the event of loss, damage or other unforeseen events. Insurance premiums are fairly insubstantial in relation to the amount your company would have to pay to repair the damage caused by a fire or burst pipe, for example, if you had no insurance.

By taking care of the necessary private traders’ insurance in advance, you are free to focus on your business. We will help you identify and manage risks.

Mandatory insurance for private traders

The most common type of mandatory insurance for private traders is self-employed persons’ pension insurance

Self-employed persons’ pension insurance, YEL insurance for short, secures your finances at different stages in life. The insurance helps you if you become disabled, fall ill or take parental leave, or if your business is interrupted for some reason. You must make sure that your private trader’s YEL insurance is valid and your insured amount of earned income is up-to-date. Be sure to take out YEL insurance within six months of setting up your company.

YEL insurance is mandatory if

  • you are aged between 18–67
  • your annual income is at least EUR 9010,28 euros (in 2024)
  • your business activities continue for at least four months.

We offer YEL insurance for private traders issued by Ilmarinen.

Your company’s vehicles, such as cars, vans, lorries, working machines and trailers must be insured by mandatory motor liability insurance for companies. The company’s motor liability insurance covers personal injury and damage to the innocent party. We recommend supplementing your vehicles’ insurance cover with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which covers damage to your vehicle.

If you hire employees for your company, in most cases you are obliged to provide them with workers' compensation insurance, employee pension insurance (TyEL) as well as employees’ group life insurance. We offer all statutory insurance policies that you need to take out for your employees as the employer.

Industry-specific mandatory insurance policies include patient insurance for healthcare and medical care providers as well as environmental damage insurance. Patient insurance covers, for instance, damage caused to the patient in connection with the treatment. Environmental damage insurance is required if the business activities involve risks of environmental damage or could cause adverse effects to the environment. 

Voluntary insurance for private traders

In addition to mandatory insurance, you can take out voluntary insurance cover. Voluntary insurance for private traders protects you, your loved ones and your company’s business and property against unexpected events.

Preparing against accidents and illness

If you are injured in an accident or contract an occupational disease, you may be temporarily unable to work. Self-employed persons’ accident insurance gives you fast access to care at our partner doctor. Our efficient clinical pathway ensures fast recovery and return to work.

Alternatively, you can take out leisure-time accident insurance, which also covers injuries outside work and when working remotely. As a cover against illness, we recommend that you take out Health insurance, which covers treatment and examination expenses due to illnesses. Another essential element of risk management is insurance for business interruption due to your disability. It covers financial losses suffered by your business if you are injured or fall ill.

Choose the most suitable package for you and your employees from our range of options. Contact us for more information.

Protect your private trader’s property and business

Property insurance for private traders offers cover against damage caused by fire, burglary or sudden breakage, for example. Property insurance covers damage to working machines, equipment, inventory, buildings and other types of property.

Besides property insurance, you should also insure your private trader’s business activities.

Business interruption insurance protects your private trade if your company’s business is interrupted for a longer period due to fire, tool breakage or disability, for example. Business interruption insurance for private traders covers profits lost due to business interruption, for example.

While business liability insurance is not mandatory insurance, we recommend it for all companies. It protects you in the event that your business activities cause bodily injury or material damage. In some industries, such as construction, the client of a project often demands proof of valid liability insurance before work can begin. The insurance allows you to focus on your company’s core operations, as we will handle any liability claims on your behalf.

Legal expenses insurance for private traders is an important form of insurance and should be taken out as soon as you set up your business. The insurance covers legal and litigation expenses in civil and criminal cases. The costs of even a minor dispute may be significant, and your business may also end up in a dispute against your will.

Let us help you choose the right insurance

New entrepreneurs are often entitled to a discount on insurance. Leave us your contact information to learn more. We will help you choose the right insurance and prepare against risks associated with your trade.

If you are interested in our ready-made insurance package, Special Corporate Insurance, you can request an offer handily online. Special Corporate Insurance includes hand-picked policies that protect your company’s movable property and business.

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