Personal insurance

In addition to statutory workers' compensation insurance, voluntary insurance policies such as Health Insurance and Group Accident Insurance protect your personnel and ensure a speedy return to work after an illness or injury. Pohjola Health Advisor and other Pohjola Hospital services help in the recovery from start to finish.


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Työtapaturmavakuutuksen kuva
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
Yrittäjän tapaturmavakuutuksen kuva
Self-employed persons’ accident insurance
Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury.
Yrityksen matkavakuutus_mies_turkoosi_vesi
Corporate Travel Insurance
A cost-effective way of preparing for surprising damages with employees travelling abroad.
Yrityseläkevakuutuksen kuva
Self-employed persons’ pension insurance
An individual supplementary pension helps you to ensure that you get the pension you deserve.
Ammattiurheilijan urheiluturva
Professional sports cover
Ensures professional sportspeople can receive treatment rapidly if an accident happens and safeguards their livelihood during retirement.
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Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Ryhmätapaturmavakuutuksen kuva
Group accident insurance
Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.
Henkivakuutus yritykselle kuva
Life Insurance for Entrepreneurs and Personnel
Ensure the continuity of your business and reduce financial risks related to your personnel.
Group pension insurance
Supplement your and your employees’ statutory pension cover and enable flexible retirement.
Työkyvyttömyysvakuutuksen kuva
Disability Insurance
Corporate Disability Insurance helps you prepare for temporary and permanent disability.