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Health Insurance

With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.

High-quality treatment and fast recovery

Health insurance helps you maintain the health and well-being of your personnel at work. Pohjola Hospital and our other medical partners help us to ensure timely and high-quality treatment.

A significant employee benefit

You can obtain insurance for your personnel, regardless of each person’s state of health, as the insurance also provides cover for existing illnesses. Besides enhancing your staff’s commitment, it’s a recruitment advantage as well.

Seamless cooperation with health care services

The insurance gives you access to special healthcare services that supplement the occupational healthcare offered by the employer. Thanks to this cooperation, occupational health stays up-to-date on the treatment and is able to evaluate your ability to work as well as apply this information to ensure your tasks and workload are suited to your ability to work.

Smooth treatment without claim applications

When visiting our partner doctors, your employees do not need to worry about making payments or filing a loss report during the visit. Instead, the partner will bill Pohjola Insurance directly.

Pohjola Health Insurance - High-quality and prompt care thanks to medical expenses insurance

Health insurance is a voluntary medical expenses insurance with which you can complement the statutory insurance protection of entrepreneurs and personnel as well as the occupational health services. This policy guarantees fast access to treatment and the highest standard of care for your entire personnel. The policy covers examination and medical treatment expenses in Finland incurred through illness or injury.

The work of an entrepreneur or self-employed person and an employee is often so important that even short absence incurs significant costs. It pays to invest in an efficient clinical pathway. If members of your staff fall ill, their insurance will enable them to promptly get good care. The capacity for work will be regained faster, and the sick leave will be shorter when it is possible to avoid long queues to examinations and surgical operations. Fewer and shorter sick leaves mean lower costs for your company, and more realistic budgeting.

Comprehensive medical expenses insurance is a benefit appreciated by your staff as well. It is an excellent way to reward and engage employees as well as create a positive employer image. Health insurance offered to the entire personnel is, as a rule, a fringe benefit exempt of tax.

Digital insurance services at your disposal

Pohjola Insurance provides you with various digital services that make it easier for you to manage your insurance transactions and make your work smoother. 

The Employee insurance card

The Employee insurance card

Employees have fast access to insurance information and instructions

If an employee falls ill or is injured, the insurance card advises on what is covered by the employer’s insurance and where they should seek treatment. By presenting the card when coming in for treatment, medical expenses are charged from insurance.
Read more about the Employee insurance card

Medical expenses insurance tailored to your organisation’s needs

Health insurance suits all kinds of companies, regardless of size. We offer four separate alternatives from which you can freely choose the one best-suited to your needs.

Choose service level (1/4)





Supplements your occupational health care agreement        
Can be issued without health information entries        
The Employee insurance card        
Surgery at our partner clinics        
Post-surgery physiotherapy        
Examinations and treatments by a specialist        
Direct access to a general practitioner or specialist for treatment        
Physiotherapy prescribed by a doctor        
Choose freely from any hospital/clinic        
  • Covering drugs in addition to examinations, care, operations and extensive physiotherapy, Super Health Insurance provides the most comprehensive insurance cover. Hospitals/clinics and pharmacies invoice Pohjola Insurance directly.
  • Extra Health Insurance provides access directly to a GP or a specialist physician without consultation with the occupational health care service. This policy covers examinations, care and operations. The Extra Health Insurance comes with an insurance period-specific deductible.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance is a complete complement to the occupational health care services. A company doctor’s referral will give you access to a specialist at our medical partners. The policy covers examinations, treatment and surgery, performed and prescribed by a specialist. Physiotherapy is also reimbursed as an alternative to surgery for knee and shoulder illnesses and injuries.
  • Standard Health Insurance lets you prepare for extended sick leaves that threaten your capacity for work. This policy covers the costs of examinations and care related to operations and specified serious diseases. The Surgery Cover covers operation performed by partner surgeons and related direct costs. The Critical illness insurance covers expenses arising from examination and treatment of cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

90% of all short absences from work are due to illness, not accidents. Many injuries caused by accidents have an illness (degenerative changes and wear) as the root cause; thus, a Health Insurance policy guarantees effective treatment of those as well.

Support for maintaining health and capacity for work through a variety of therapy services

According to KELA’s sick leave statistics, musculoskeletal diseases and mental disorders are a threat to employees’ capacity for work.

The Basic, Comprehensive and Extra Health Insurance provide unique opportunities for therapy. Our goal is to support the health and well-being of entrepreneurs as well as employees, and to promote function capacity in accordance with the resources of each individual.

Psychotherapy included in the Health Insurance helps treat mental disorders. Furthermore, in connection with a serious illness the insurance covers physiotherapy, psychotherapy, neuropsychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy a maximum of 20 sessions each. In cases involving knee and shoulder injuries and illnesses, we cover costs for physiotherapy in lieu of surgical treatment.

What does the price of Health Insurance consist of?

The price of Health Insurance is affected by such factors as the company’s line of business and size, i.e. the number of employees to be insured, and the extent of the selected health insurance. We offer four alternatives, and our experts will provide more information about their content, additional insurance cover and prices. 

Pohjola Insurance’s experts have extensive knowledge about the line of business. We will be happy to go through your needs and help you choose a suitable insurance solution for your company. By requesting an offer you will get a price for the health insurance and any other corporate insurances. 

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Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
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Corporate Travel Insurance
A cost-effective way of preparing for surprising damages with employees travelling abroad.

The company must provide Pohjola Insurance with current and correct information on employees covered by Health Insurance.

We want to make the administration of your company’s insurance policies as easy as possible. You can easily report changes in the personal data of employees covered by Health Insurance in the Insurance section of

Health insurance offered to the entire personnel is, as a rule, a fringe benefit exempt of tax. Read more.

The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.