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Group accident insurance

Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.

High-quality treatment and fast recovery

Pohjola Hospital and our other medical partners help us to ensure professional care and a high standard of treatment.

Pohjola Health Advisor at your service

If an accident occurs, you can call Pohjola’s Health Advisor who will assess your symptoms and refer you to the correct medical professional.

Benefits related to insurance premiums

As a rule, insurance premiums are tax-free benefits in kind for the insured and a tax-deductible expense for your business.

Leisure-time accident insurance protects you against risks relating to your human resources

Most accidents outside of work occur in familiar surroundings such as at home or when out jogging. Slips, falls and other leisure-time accidents are also a major contributor to absences from work. As an employer or an event coordinator, it is worth extending the insurance protection of your employees and volunteers to also cover any injuries they might sustain in their spare time.

If your employee is injured while gardening or volunteering, for example, it is in your interests to get him or her treated quickly. If you have taken out leisure-time accident insurance for your staff, your employee can go directly to Pohjola Hospital or another one of our medical partners, whose top experts are committed to providing fast and high-quality treatment even in challenging cases. By minimising your employee’s recovery time, you are also reducing the length of their sick leave and therefore your own expenses.

By giving your staff fast access to efficient treatment and rehabilitation after a leisure-time accident, they can return to work sooner.

Multi-purpose insurance

Group accident insurance is a form of leisure-time accident insurance that lends itself to many different purposes and can be tailored to your needs.

You can take out insurance for your entire staff, a specific group or even a single individual and cover them only outside of work or on a full-time basis, in which case they are protected by your policy 24/7. It is also an excellent way to provide additional protection for employees who work remotely.

In addition to your staff, you can take out insurance for your visitors, volunteer workers or groups going camping or on an excursion or taking part in recreational activities. You can insure one or more individuals on a continuous basis, for a fixed period of time or for the duration of a specific event. Our group accident insurance is also suitable for schools, educational institutions and nurseries.

What does leisure-time accident insurance cover?

  • medical treatment cover for expenses incurred from treating injuries
  • daily allowance cover for loss of income due to short-term disability
  • disability cover, which pays out a lump sum in the event of a permanent disability resulting from an accident
  • death cover, which pays out a lump sum to any surviving loved ones in the event of an accidental death of an injured person.

The scope and value of our leisure-time accident insurance policies can be tailored flexibly to your business’s needs. Our group accident insurance policies are valid anywhere in the world, and they therefore also cover medical treatment expenses incurred from injuries sustained abroad.

The insurance covers injuries sustained during fitness training. However, certain sports are excluded from the scope of the cover under the terms and conditions. As a rule, the insurance does not cover injuries sustained from competitive sports or training or certain high-risk activities. The policies can be extended to also cover high-risk sports. You can find out more about compensation in our group accident insurance product guide and terms and conditions.

Which factors affect the price of Group accident insurance?

The amount of the insurance premium depends on the following choices:

  • The cover you have chosen for the insurance and their sums insured and deductibles
  • What kind of group or activity are you insuring?
  • Scope of insurance
  • Have you chosen a sports extension
  • Number of persons to be insured or the number of events
  • Age of the persons to be insured.
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
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Self-employed persons’ accident insurance
Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.