Mies tekee töitä kotona turvanaan etätyövakuutus.

Remote workers' insurance

Remote Workers’ Insurance covers accidents during the workday in remote work.

Additional cover for remote work

Remote workers insurance is voluntary and covers losses that occur during breaks and meals or while taking or picking up the kids from daycare.

Workers' compensation insurance contains restrictions on insurance cover

Under the Workers' Compensation Act, cover for accidents that occur in remote work is more limited than in losses at the actual place of work.

High-quality treatment and fast recovery

Our medical partners help us to ensure professional care and a high standard of treatment. In case of accident, your employees get fast access to treatment and rehabilitation.

Why should employers take out Remote Workers’ Insurance?

Although the statutory workers' compensation insurance is valid also in remote work, it does not cover all losses that can occur during a day of working remotely. In remote work, statutory insurance cover is more limited and covers only activities that are directly related to work. You can improve employees’ insurance cover in remote work with additional voluntary insurance.

Remote Workers’ Insurance is valid during remote work in situations that are not covered by workers' compensation insurance. These include, among others, short breaks and meals and travel that is directly related to remote working, such as taking and picking up kids from daycare.

For an even more comprehensive insurance cover for your employees than the one offered by Remote Workers’ Insurance, choose leisure-time accident insurance for your workers' compensation insurance policy.

Remote Workers' Insurance is valid throughout the world, and it supplements the occupational accident and occupational disease insurance during remote working days. The validity of Remote Workers' Insurance is identical in Finland and abroad. When treatment expenses are incurred abroad, they are first paid by, for example, the employee who requires treatment. The employee can later claim compensation for the treatment expenses. In Finland, the expenses can also be billed directly when visiting a partner doctor.

Cover for remote workers with voluntary insurance

Morning activities (getting kids dressed, walking the dog, etc.) No No Yes
Taking kids to daycare and returning home No Yes Yes
Breakfast at home No No Yes
Working on a laptop at home in the kitchen Yes Yes Yes
Retrieving the laptop charger from the car On a case-by-case basis Yes Yes
Coffee and bathroom breaks at home No Yes Yes
Preparing lunch and eating No Yes Yes
Working on a laptop at home in the living room Yes Yes Yes
Meeting customers at a café Yes Yes Yes
Going for a run No No Yes
Working on a laptop at home in the bedroom Yes Yes Yes
Picking up kids from daycare and returning home No Yes Yes
Leisure time after work No No Yes

What does Remote Workers’ Insurance cover?

The basic cover in Remote Workers’ Insurance is Medical Treatment Cover for the treatment expenses of accidental injuries. You can also select other types of cover. Ask us for more information about options.

The insurance gives your employees fast access to treatment for a quick recovery and return to daily life and work. Our medical partners help us ensure a high standard of treatment and a fast recovery and return to work for your employees.

Leave a contact request to receive more information and a quote on Remote Workers’ Insurance or the more comprehensive leisure-time accident insurance for your employees!

Kaksi miestä nauravat ulkona huolettomasti tietäen, että yrityksen vapaa-ajan tapaturmavakuutus tuo turvaa vapaa-ajalla ja etätöissä.
Group accident insurance
Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.
Nainen selaa tietokonetta hymyillen, sillä hänellä on työtapaturmavakuutus turvanaan.
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.