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Self-employed persons’ accident insurance

Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury or an occupational disease.

High-quality treatment and fast recovery

Our medical partners help us to ensure the highest standard of treatment.

Smooth treatment without claim applications

When visiting our partner doctors, your employees do not need to worry about making payments or filing a loss report during the visit. Instead, the partner will bill Pohjola Insurance directly.

Additional insurance cover for business interruptions resulting from disability

Business interruption insurance reimburses your business for any financial losses incurred if you are injured or fall ill.

Protect your business with self-employed persons’ accident insurance

If you are self-employed, your personal input is crucial for your business, and even short absences have a direct impact on profits. It's advisable to ensure sufficient insurance cover, as the legal requirement to take out occupational accident and disease insurance does not apply to self-employed persons.

An accident or occupational disease could affect your work ability and put your business at risk. Self-employed persons’ accident insurance policies guarantee fast access to treatment and the highest standard of care. You do not need to stress about expensive treatments and tests. This allows you to recover and return to work faster.

When can you take out a self-employed persons’ accident insurance policy?

You can take out self-employed persons’ accident insurance under the Workers' Compensation Act if you have self-employed persons’ pension insuranceWe offer YEL insurance for private traders issued by Ilmarinen. 

Our accident insurance policies are designed for

  • self-employed persons
  • partners in general partnerships
  • general partners in limited partnerships
  • managers of limited companies who hold more than 30% of the share capital or votes alone or more than 50% of the share capital or votes together with members of their family
  • silent partners in limited partnerships or members of a self-employed person’s family who work for the business without an employment contract governed by the Employment Contracts Act.  
Our self-employed persons’ accident insurance covers your medical treatment expenses and protects your income so that you can focus on getting better.

What does self-employed persons’ accident insurance cover?

Self-employed persons’ accident insurance provides comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and protects your income if you are unable to work.

The most common types of expenses covered by self-employed persons’ accident insurance are

  • medical treatment expenses and costs of diagnostic tests
  • travel expenses relating to medical treatment
  • per-diem allowances for the period of disability
  • loss of income due to disability
  • rehabilitation expenses
  • losses incurred from a permanent injury
  • disability pensions in the event of a permanent disability
  • survivors’ pensions.

Compensation for loss of income – i.e. per-diem allowances, rehabilitation allowances and disability pensions – is calculated on the basis of your annual earnings, which are tied to your self-employed persons’ pension insurance policy. This is another reason why it is important to ensure that your earnings under your self-employed persons’ pension insurance policy correspond to the actual value of your input.

Claims are paid on the basis of the Workers' Compensation Act. You can find out more about compensation in our self-employed persons’ accident insurance product guide and the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Which factors affect the price of self-employed persons’ accident insurance?

The price of self-employed persons’ accident insurance is based on factors such as your annual earnings as a self-employed person, which are equal to the earnings reported in the pension policy for self-employed persons, your occupational title and your company’s line of business.

Please submit your contact details using the offer request form below to obtain information on how much self-employed person’s accident insurance will cost you.

Our self-employed persons’ accident insurance can also protect you when you are not working

A considerable proportion of accidents occur outside of work. We recommend that you take out self-employed persons’ accident insurance that covers not only accidents at work and occupational diseases but also any injuries you might sustain in your spare time. When you also take out leisure-time insurance, you get round-the-clock accident cover.

We offer two different levels of leisure-time accident insurance cover, and our comprehensive cover gives you the best protection.

  • Our more extensive leisure-time accident insurance policy covers almost all activities outside of work, including sports and international travel.
  • Our limited leisure-time accident insurance policy does not cover injuries sustained in connection with the more high-risk sports, such as football or snowboarding.

You can also just get accident insurance for the time you are at work. Accidents at work and occupational diseases are covered by our self-employed persons’ work-time accident insurance.

In addition to voluntary occupational accident insurance for self-employed persons, you can take out voluntary medical expenses insurance in the form of Health Insurance and Disability Insurance. They cover medical treatment expenses and loss of income resulting from a self-employed person’s disability also in the event of illness, not just injury.

Insurance for business interruptions resulting from disability is also an important part of risk management for self-employed persons, as it reimburses your business for any financial losses incurred if you are injured or fall ill.

Is self-employed persons’ accident insurance mandatory?

Is self-employed persons’ accident insurance mandatory? No. Self-employed persons’ accident insurance is voluntary. However, many entrepreneurs choose to insure themselves against accidents and occupational diseases.

If you lose your ability to work, accident insurance provides you with financial security. The insurance gives you fast access to care with one of our partner doctors. Our efficient clinical pathway ensures fast recovery and return to work. The insurance can be expanded to cover accidents occurring in leisure time as well.

Digital insurance services at your disposal

Pohjola Insurance provides you with various digital services that make it easier for you to manage your insurance transactions and make your work smoother. Learn more below. Be sure to also check out our free digital services for companies

The Employee insurance card

The Employee insurance card

Employees have fast access to insurance information and instructions
If an employee falls ill or is injured, the insurance card advises on what is covered by the employer’s insurance and where they should seek treatment. By presenting the card when coming in for treatment, medical expenses are charged from insurance.
Read more about the Employee insurance card
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Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Self-employed persons’ pension insurance
An individual supplementary pension helps you to ensure that you get the pension you deserve.
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Group accident insurance
Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.