OP Group pension

Supplement your and your employees’ statutory pension cover and enable flexible retirement.

Flexible way to reward your personnel

Pension insurance is an investment that supplements the statutory pension cover. You will have access to a wide range of investment vehicles.

Tax benefits for companies

Insurance premiums are tax-deductible in your company’s taxation, and they are not considered as pay to the insured person. Consequently, they are not subject to indirect labour costs.

Improves your employees’ commitment

Supplementary pension is a benefit to commit and reward your personnel. Also increases the attractiveness of your company when recruiting new employees.

Retire earlier

Group pension insurance makes it possible to retire before the statutory retirement age.

Win-win for companies and employees alike

The commitment and productivity of employees materially affect the company’s profitability, which is why many companies actively try to develop their incentive schemes to retain their key employees. Satisfied and motivated employees feel better, which is reflected in their work.

OP Group pension insurance is a voluntary pension insurance for companies, which enables them to reward and commit their employees. It is a pension solution aimed at a specific employee group, where all members of the group receive the same insurance cover, which may include you as the entrepreneur. A supplementary pension makes retirement more flexible and increases the income level after retirement by supplementing the statutory pension cover.

The taxation of group pension insurance is a benefit to your company, because the pension contributions are deductible in taxation and they are not subject to indirect labour costs. Therefore, group pension insurance is a good incentive vehicle for your company. The insurance enables profitable saving after retirement and is well-suited to companies of all sizes.

Good retirement benefits are a contemporary way for you to show your appreciation to your company’s employees and key personnel.

Supplementary pension insurance makes employees more committed

The competition for skilled personnel is getting tougher and tougher, so it is more important than ever to help your employees commit. An essential part of employee commitment is a motivating and rewarding incentive scheme. It is a good idea to include group pension insurance in your company’s total salary package and tie it to targets that develop your company’s operations.

Group pension insurance enables your employees to accrue income in funds. The amount accrued in funds will keep increasing profits which the employee will get to enjoy after retirement. Pensions will be paid in accordance with the accumulated insurance savings and the agreed pension period. Supplementary pension is a benefit not offered by all companies to their employees, so the possibility of losing the benefit raises the threshold for changing jobs.

You can either tie the pension benefit to performance or determine that your employee will only get access to the insurance savings once the employment relationship has lasted a specific time – reinforcing this way your employee’s commitment to the company. Should your employee resign during the investment period, you can decide whether to grant the supplementary pension accrued by the insurance to your employee or return the funds to your company.

Supplementary pension is a valuable benefit for employee

Supplementing the pension cover brings many benefits to your employees:

  • It provides a better income level after retirement and reduces the need for personal retirement preparations.
  • Your employees may retire earlier if necessary.
  • The supplementary pension benefit is not taxable during employment.
  • A pension insurance is a long-term investment whose profits are not taxed as capital income. Instead, the employee receives the pension savings in full as income after retirement.
  • Upon your agreement, your employee can have a say in the investment vehicles.
  • The insurance also includes life insurance cover, which pays the insurance savings in full to the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured person.


OP Life Assurance Company enables profitable pension savings

You can choose from a wide range of investment vehicles suitable to your company. We offer good investment vehicles for pension investors. You can also change your investment vehicles later if you wish. The value of savings is determined by the insurance premiums paid and the value performance of the selected investments.

Your company decides its investment vehicles or gives the insured person the right to choose them. You can also leave it up to the experts to select your investment vehicles. You can keep an eye on the development of your savings and easily manage your investments via our digital services.

Please leave your contact information using the button below, and we will send you a quote for the group pension insurance. Our experts will gladly help you in selecting your investment vehicles so that you can make sure you will get the best possible return for the premiums paid at a suitable risk level. Remember to ask about our other employee commitment solutions!

Hyvinvoiva työyhteisö yhdessä kahvihuoneessa huolettomina, sillä heidät on vakuutettu myös Työntekijäin Ryhmähenkivakuutuksella.
Employees' Group Life Insurance
Group Life Insurance is a life insurance policy taken out by employers for their employees on the basis of collective agreements.
Self-employed persons’ pension insurance
An individual supplementary pension helps you to ensure that you get the pension you deserve.

OP Group Pension enables the insured to retire before his or her statutory retirement age, even before the age of 60. The date of retirement is agreed when submitting the quote. The age entitling to pension and other benefits for persons belonging to the same pension group must be determined on uniform grounds.

Voit hakea lisäetuihin perustuvaa eläkettä oheisella hakemuksella.
The insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd, and Pohjola Insurance Ltd acts as its agent.