Äiti katsoo hymyillen lastaan tietäen, että hänellä on yrittäjän henkivakuutus turvanaan.

Life Insurance for Entrepreneurs and Personnel

Secures your family’s livelihood and the continuity of your business.

Protect your next of kin

Life insurance for companies is an insurance against death that secures the life and finances of the entrepreneur’s next of kin.

Secure your business continuity

With life insurance for companies, you ensure that the living standards of your next of kin do not suffer due to the death of the insured person.

Life insurance as employee benefit

Voluntary life insurance taken out by a company for its personnel provides financial security for the employee’s family and is a valuable employee benefit.

Why take out life insurance for companies?

You can take out voluntary life insurance for companies to supplement the statutory social security of entrepreneurs and employees. Life insurance provides cover to the next of kin of the insured entrepreneur or employees and helps overcome financial hardships. In the event that death occurs, the life insurance benefit is paid as a lump-sum compensation to the beneficiaries you have chosen. They can use the life insurance benefit to cover expenses such as loan repayments, inheritance taxes or other household expenses.

Life insurance for companies also secures business continuity in the event of the unexpected death of a key employee or one of the owners. In such a case, the life insurance benefit can be used to cover production losses, for example. Life insurance for companies also serves as side collateral for your corporate loans.

An entrepreneur’s assets are often tied to the company, and the family home is used as collateral security for the company’s loans. By taking out life insurance for companies, you secure your family’s financial standing in the event of unforeseeable situations.

What type of life insurance is best for your company?

The best life insurance for entrepreneurs is one that will allow their loved ones to continue their lives free of worry over financial security. Calculate your ideal amount of compensation by adding up your company’s and family’s loans, your annual income and 20,000 euros per dependent child.

Life insurance that ensures business continuity can be tailored to provide cover against the death of the company’s key employee or owner-manager. You can also take out life insurance as an employee benefit to provide financial cover for your employees’ families.


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Factors that affect the price of Life Insurance for companies are as follows:

  • Age of the insured person
  • The insured person’s year of birth
  • The insured person's gender
  • The selected amount of compensation
  • Type of insurance, whether individual or group
  • Type of cover, whether individual or joint cover
  • Type of term, whether permanent or decreasing

The taxation information of the insurance policy is based on current legislation. Please note that taxation information may change during the policy's period of validity.

If the beneficiaries of the death benefit are the insured person’s next of kin, the benefits are subject to inheritance tax. If the beneficiary is a person other than the insured person’s next of kin, the death benefit is taxable capital income in its entirety.

A death benefit paid to the company is considered taxable business income.

We will notify the tax authorities of benefits subject to inheritance tax.

Instructions and forms for applying for life insurance compensation.
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The insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd, and Pohjola Insurance Ltd acts as its agent.