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Patient insurance

Statutory patient insurance covers personal injuries incurred by patients in the course of providing care or treatment.

Patient insurance is a statutory insurance

Patient insurance is mandatory to all companies and other operators in the sector that provide healthcare or medical care.

Cover against personal injury claims

Patient insurance covers personal injuries incurred by patients in the course of providing healthcare and medical care, such as malpractice or accident injuries.

Patient insurance is valid only in Finland

As healthcare or medical care provided abroad by a healthcare professional is excluded from the scope of cover, patient insurance is not valid outside Finland.

Patient insurance also covers telemedicine services

Pohjola Patient Insurance also covers telemedicine services provided and received in Finland.

Patient insurance against patient injuries

Patient liability insurance protects patients, medical staff and healthcare service providers.

The Patient Injury Act specifies that patient insurance is mandatory for medical professionals or companies, institutions or entities practising healthcare and medical care in Finland. 

Patient insurance covers personal injuries caused to patients in connection with healthcare or medical care. Patient injuries include illnesses and injuries that occur in connection with treatment or examination.

Obligation to patient insurance

All companies, institutions and healthcare professionals that practise healthcare and medical care in Finland have the obligation to take out patient insurance against liability under the Patient Injury Act. Healthcare professionals who are registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira are always included in the scope of patient insurance.

These entities may be companies such as clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, or professionals practicing as private entrepreneurs, such as nurses, registered massage therapists and physiotherapists. It’s advisable to make sure that the agreement enters into force before meeting the first patient.

Healthcare and medical care activities subject to the Patient Insurance Act

include, for example:

  • healthcare or medical care provided by a physician, dentist or nurse
  • occupational, school or student healthcare
  • optician’s services
  • ambulance transport
  • sampling, blood donation and vaccination
  • rehabilitation, physical therapy and physiotherapy
  • sale of prescription drugs by pharmacies
  • clinical medical research.
If you are an entrepreneur practicing healthcare or medical care, you will require a patient insurance. Be sure to take out patient insurance also for any employees who are registered with Valvira.

What is compensated under patient insurance?

Patient insurance covers bodily injuries caused to your patient in connection with the provision of healthcare and medical care as specified in the Patient Insurance Act. Examples of patient injuries are listed in the table below:

  Patient insurance
Malpractice resulting from medical examination or treatment of a patient or negligence thereof Yes
Accident injury incurred suddenly, unexpectedly and due to an external event during medical examination or treatment Yes
Equipment breakage, in other words the breakage of medical equipment during treatment or examination, resulting in personal injury to the patient Yes
Infection injury due to an unexpected infection during medical examination or treatment Yes
Sudden and accidental injury during medical examination or treatment, such as the patient falling from a treatment table Yes
Injury caused by circumstances in the treatment facilities or equipment, such as fire in the treatment facilities Yes
Injury caused by the incorrect administration of medication. Yes

Malpractice is not the same as a patient injury defined in law. When processing a claim, we differentiate between expenses related to an underlying disease or injury being treated and those caused by a patient injury. Covering patient injuries incurred in examinations and treatment is the cornerstone of patient insurance, but there are limits to this cover.

For example, patient injury insurance does not compensate injuries incurred by the patient due to medication that has been appropriately administered or prescribed.

What factors affect the price of patient insurance?

The price of patient insurance for a company is calculated on the basis of the profession’s risk category, which means that the price is determined, among other factors, by the patient injury risk classified for the practiced activity. This means that the price of patient insurance depends on your company’s line of business. In addition, your payroll bill affects the price of patient insurance.

Ask for a quote to receive more information as well as our offer for patient insurance to your company!

How do I take out patient insurance for my company?

Pohjola Insurance issues patient insurance to companies and medical professionals practising healthcare and medical care and registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Health and Welfare (Valvira).

Leave us your contact details from the button below to receive a quote on patient injury insurance. Our experts at Pohjola Insurance have extensive understanding of the sector and can provide more information on the content and price of patient insurance for your company. After receiving your request for quote, we will contact you to determine the best patient insurance and other insurance solutions for your company!


Compensation for a patient injury must be applied from the Patient Insurance Centre. Compensation must be applied within three years of the party entitled to compensation learning of the injury.

For more details and the forms for claims, visit the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre website.

Do you have cause to suspect a patient injury?

First, complete a quick test to see whether you should consider filing a notice of patient injury. 

Take the test here.

The insurer is either Pohjola Insurance or A-Insurance Ltd. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.
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