Home loan calculator – Calculate your home loan

Our home loan calculator helps you plan a loan period and a monthly repayment which are suitable for you. Read our tips and try the calculator!

Good to know about home loan calculator

The home loan calculator is a great tool when you plan to take out a home loan:

These tips will help you make the most out of the calculator:

  • With the home loan calculator, you can easily get an idea of the price of a home you can afford. You can also try a different loan amount and see how the monthly repayment and loan period change.
  • Want to sell your home and buy a new one? Ask our real estate agent to estimate your home's sales price and use it to calculate your loan need.
  • If your new home needs renovation, include the estimated renovation costs in the loan amount you enter in the calculator.
  • When you buy a new home, you need to pay transfer tax. Check the tax rate from the Finnish Tax Administration's website and include the tax amount in your loan amount.
  • You can also get payment protection insurance for your home loan to help you cope with loan repayment if, for example, unemployment or sick leave reduces your household's income. Use the calculator to see how such insurance would change your monthly repayment.

Use our home loan calculator to easily get an estimate of the costs of your home loan by testing how changing interest rates would affect your loan costs. When your loan's borrowing rate rises or falls, the monthly loan repayment and overall loan costs change, too. By trying various rates in the home loan calculator, you can assess how your home loan would change if interest rates change.

Benefit from an OP home loan

OP's home loan counts towards earning OP bonuses. Your earned OP bonuses will automatically be used to pay, for example, loan service charges, Pohjola Insurance insurance premiums or OP Koti real estate agent commissions. The home loan calculator shows an estimate of your earned OP-bonuses for the first year. If you apply for a 100,000-euro loan, you might earn OP bonuses worth almost 250 euros in the first year.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.