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Corporate loan

Financing for companies of all sizes, start-ups included

Apply for a loan easily online

You can apply for a loan on, and we will contact you. The loan application is not binding on you.

Choose the best form of financing for your company

Whether you need financing to make a small purchase, a larger investment or to smooth out seasonal fluctuations, our experts will offer you the most suitable solution. We will always calculate the best loan offer on a case-by-case basis.


Take advantage of our experts’ advice and avoid risks

Our experts view your business as a whole and manage financing related risks too.

Apply for a corporate loan


To apply for a loan:

Enter your company’s basic details in the form. We will contact you within two business days.

  1. Fill in and send the form online

  2. We will contact you as soon as possible

  3. We will discuss the best solution with you and calculate the loan’s pricing

  4. You will get a loan decision, but this does not bind you to take out the loan

To get the financing decision faster, please take these documents to the financing negotiation:
  • latest official financial statements and an accounting run of the current financial year if more than six months have passed since the last financial statements,
  • plan for the use of funding,
  • recent financial statements that show past financial years as well.

Apply for a corporate loan


Price and payment term to suit your needs

After you have submitted the loan application, you will receive personal service from a local OP cooperative bank expert by phone, online or in a personal appointment. We will tailor a corporate loan that fits your company’s situation and needs, including a suitable loan term and instalments.

Our experts will also assist in preparing for risks in order for your business operations to stand on a firm foundation under changing circumstances. It is worthwhile to prepare early, for example, for rising interest rates and risks associated with loan servicing capacity, such as a key employee’s illness.


Loan cost and collateral

As the main rule, a collateral security or a guarantee is required for extending a loan.

Read more about collateral. >

The corporate loan cost consists of the interest rate for the principal and loan management and drawdown fees. The interest rate comprises an agreed reference interest rate and markup. The markup depends, for example, on your company's future prospects and repayment capacity as well as the loan term and collateral. The loan may also carry a fixed rate.

The corporate loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank or OP Corporate Bank plc.