Corporate loan repayment billing options – doing away with paper bills

Account debit and an e-invoice are more inexpensive and ecological options for your company’s loan repayments than paper bills.

The most inexpensive method to pay your company’s bills

When you make your company’s loan repayments using account debit or an e-invoice, you will save the costs of paper billing.

More efficient bill processing

Manual work and the possibility of errors will reduce.

More ecological option

Environmental burden will diminish. 

You can choose from among two options

1. With account debit, your bills will be paid automatically without the need for online access

Account debit is the easiest and most secure way to pay bills. The payee will debit, for example, the loan repayment amount directly from your company’s account on the due date. 

Call OP Customer Service to agree on becoming a user of the account debit service. Please note that the account debit service will be effective only after the next bill.

2. Pay your bills conveniently as an e-invoice

You can order your company’s bills as an e-invoice. Then you’ll get payment details directly to the service and OP-mobile. 

All you have to do is accept the payment, without needing to account and reference numbers. This also ensures that the bill’s payment details are entered correctly.

In order for your company to receive e-invoices, you have to make an e-invoice agreement at your own OP cooperative bank.